Tim quits Fortnite and plays Warframe? — TimTheTatMan (Warframe)

Tim quits Fortnite and plays Warframe? — TimTheTatMan (Warframe)

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  1. i hope they add a feature where we can swim on water

  2. I solute this man

  3. warframe is better than fortnite tbh

  4. Do u know how to custom your ship

  5. The stories in Warframe is great, don't spoil it though.

  6. If you think the fortuna cutscene was good then you should do the second dream quest it is way more cooler

  7. Please play till the second dream, thats where the good shit starts kicking in

  8. Warframe is what you call a good game. So I see no problem in this

  9. I cant blame him if he does, Warframe is an amazing game

  10. I'm glad big streamers are starting to appreciate the masterpiece named Warframe.

  11. Im so happy warframe is picking up speed!!!! And damn once you get to the second dream that's where it gets really good.

  12. Warframe is a good game im mastery rank 25

  13. Everyone playing warframe now. Whats going on?

  14. Welcome to WARFRAME

  15. Bullshit written all on the screen

  16. Hope the streamers paid to play this game, don't drop it soon

  17. Got a destiny ad while watching this, OOF

  18. Warframe is way better then fortnite. Just look at the graphics and I love when noobs play it it’s always so fun to see when they mess up.

  19. i wanna start playing warframe again just for that skateboard

  20. Limbo mains rise up!

  21. Tis is something i can get behind.

  22. Welcome tenno, im actually jealous you get to experience it all for the first time

  23. Warframe is the beez kneez


  25. Alright I’m down with your switch to warframe but keep your arrows and clickbaits outta here ùwú

  26. Jumping on the hype train….

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