Timber Wolf Deluxe Slot — BIG WIN BONUS!

Timber Wolf Deluxe Slot — BIG WIN BONUS!

[ad_1] Timber Wolf Deluxe slot machine by Aristocrat is a follow-up to the very popular Timber Wolf slot!

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And it uses the «XTRA REEL POWER» format of 5×4 reels where to win, you need to match symbols in reels from left to right. Timber Wolf Deluxe is just like Timber Wolf, with the exception of the bonus, where you get to choose your number of free games and wild multipliers for reels 2 and 4: obviously the lower number of games you choose, the higher your multipliers with the most volatile option giving you the potential for a combined 50X multiplied by your win- and that’s how Jackpots can occur on this one! Payouts can go beyond Big Wins to CRAZY BIG WINS, which actually prompted me to try this slot, and I was fortunate to get lucky!

To trigger the bonus, you need three or more bonus symbols from left to right, where more symbols will just increase your scatter award. If a Wild symbol appears on reels 2 and/or 4 and you do not win, the reels with the wild(s) are held and you will receive a respin, Enjoy!

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  1. Awesome win.

  2. 700 dollars ooh wow

  3. I was wondering.. If you hit the stop button while the reels arte spinning, does it change the outcome… Or just speed up the process ?? I've spent hours on this machine and was thinking of its pre determined then why not just continuously hit the stop button and get the result.

  4. Love the videos man keep winning and posting!

  5. You were the "King of Kings" on that one. I really appreciate that you also cheer for the 4x — 6x hits along the way that propel you to the bonus. Keep up the good work in 2017!

  6. The reason I watch you is because you seem generally appreciative of even the smaller wins. Keep up the good luck.

  7. This game either loves you or hates you. Just like a dysfunctional relationship… I keep coming back!

  8. That was a great bonus! Thanks for posting….

  9. Did you take your players card out when you got into the bonus? If that's what you did, what is your theory behind that? Notice more/better bonus payouts? Obviously slot machines are rigged as it is, but just kinda curious.

  10. Found another thief https://youtu.be/dAlhvR5m60U

  11. Thanks for putting this machine back on my playlist! It is definitely worth a spin and I had forgotten how fun it can be. I love it when it respins in the bonus after a non winning screen containing a multiplier. Thumbs up!

  12. you are my favorite slot channel thank you love to see all the different machines 🙂

  13. Man that was lucky. I am like the all time Timber Wolf player and have many many many (well you get the point) hours into this game. It is very rare to get those multipliers to work on the first shot. Well done sir — you keep me believing.

  14. That was great! It's hard to know how much risk to take with those bonuses, but I think you nailed it that second time. Good game. Good choice.

  15. Yay !! Nice win !! Way to go !! I love Timber wolf !!

  16. Great win congratulations! I think with Timber Wolf Deluxe you have to always pick the 8 games or 6 games!

  17. Nice win!!

  18. Congrats BP!!!! Awesome bonus round! !!!

  19. I like to see your videos

  20. wow…rooting hard BP. Awesome Sauce!

  21. Wow…great quick win on $5 bucks…

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