Titanic HUGE Win!!! Both Free Spins Bonuses!!! Mystery Feature Big Win!!!

Titanic HUGE Win!!! Both Free Spins Bonuses!!! Mystery Feature Big Win!!!

[ad_1] The last time I played this game my money sank faster than the actual Titanic. This time I survived with some loot!! Enjoy!!!

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  1. This woman honestly is like a dream woman loved gambling and is gorgeous ❤️

  2. Nice win

  3. Hi

  4. how could you? 1517 died that day ! nah im kidding 🙂

  5. Good job again sara

  6. This was my favourite game at Cesar’s casino in Windsor. I did every class and got the bonus game every time I switch my class haha. The heart of the ocean is the best bonus game

  7. You got the 2 best from play on Titanic

  8. Just getting into these videos, and enjoying the not so flashy games you win at. i still remember my first big win, Princess Bride at Bellagio. Sadly, they got rid of it.

  9. Huge pay? Oh please penny slots are 4 old peoples! Play $5, $10 max bet and hit that for big payday! If I am going to lose rather it be going for the pay window, not to pay my cell phone bill!

  10. So hot!!!!!

  11. your fucking sexy ass hell

  12. Wide area progressive (grand jackpot) can only be won when five Jack&Rose logos on the dead center payline (line one) with max bet.

  13. why 6 free games the worst pick

  14. You couldn't frikking be more adorable))) love to listen to you comment while you play….Good Luck and win LOTS $$$$$$

  15. game gets extremely hot and extremely cold. pays on this machine are better than the ones we have in saratoga.

  16. beautiful baby…

  17. Thank God they took these out of my local Eldorado in Columbus, i never won shit on these .. definitely didn't make me feel like the king of the world

  18. and she single

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