Titanic Slot Machine Bonus — Heart of the Ocean — Big Win!!!

Titanic Slot Machine Bonus — Heart of the Ocean — Big Win!!!

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  1. U are wonderful 🙂

  2. not bad. ive done worse on that machine! it didn't pay much at Eldorado, Reno.

  3. Wash your mouths.  Both of you are F.F.!!!!  Hex to both of you.

  4. Where was this slot machine?  Which casino?


  6. The only thing that ruined this video was Celine Dion singing at the end. However congrats on a nice win and entertainment value is 11/10

  7. OMG your a riot it would be fun to play slots around you .

  8. finally you got this bonus. damn good bonus

  9. LMAO it's called a Chafing Dish, not a casserole… Nice win!

  10. Sdguy u crack me up!!! Love the videos hope u win mad money!!!


  12. NO HEARTS!!!!!  🙂

  13. same bonus music as clue??

  14. nice American horror story reference

  15. very nice !

  16. Love that bonus!

  17. Great Win! Must try this again one day ,Peace!

  18. I've hit that blue jewel in the middle, max bet two rows of them, and they expand to the left and right!…it's so much fun
    and pretty to watch.  The counter is really slow though…the pay out was like $400.00 +.  It's hard to get a Titanic machine that will pay out like that, in my experience.  On another bonus where you have to pick by the spin button & match photo's…I can never get the top bonus where he paints her….I always get the two ladies or the bottom one. (I don't remember the name of the bonus).  

  19. Ud been proud went to treasure island , last night hit 150 on wizard of oz , lol everytime I go to it I scream time five , Glinda times 2 ! Ha dat bitch ! Out on super jackpot , bingo , monitor g 55 i almost pissed

  20. How many times do I have tell you Ms. Glinda to hit the damn button on next time I will take you to the Black Hills and spank you ass, DIVA

  21. I like how those things grew when you blue them. 

  22. That was great!

  23. Push the button glindaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  24. go to your room and get some sleep, we will all be here when you get back  lol

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