Tombfinger Kitgun Build (Guide) — The Gravedigger Magnum (Warframe Gameplay)

Tombfinger Kitgun Build (Guide) — The Gravedigger Magnum (Warframe Gameplay)

[ad_1] Tombfinger Kitgun Build (Guide) — The Gravedigger Magnum (Warframe Gameplay)

Ever since Fortuna was released Kiguns have been sitting at the top of the Secondary DPS charts in Warframe. The Tombfinger is no exception and packs one serious bit of damage.
The weapon fires a round projectile that detonates on contact with the first enemy or surface, the explosion will deal by default pure radiation damage but any elemental damage added to the weapon will apply. The overall damage split is about fifty-fifty with all of the IPS types in the projectile impact.

The build will be affected by the parts you chose for your Tombfinger, I recommend trying it with Haymaker and Splat or Killstream which will result in the weapon having a very high critical chance of thirty eight percent with a two point three critical multiplier and sixteen percent status chance.

In testing the Tombfinger performed extreme well as it’s capable of going through high level targets like a hot knife through butter. If you manage to add the Pax Seeker Arcane than the weapon goes Godlike, projectiles results hitting targets for a truck and half worth of damage.
The only somewhat objective negative to the weapon would be the fact that it’s projectile base and head-shots are crucial with any critical-based weapon.
Riven Mod stat priority will also depend on the weapon’s configuration but in this case I would prioritize critical damage, multishot and critical chance above everything else. A harmless negative would be ideal as-well.

There’s not much more to say other than the weapon is immensely powerful and I have enjoyed my time with it. Highly Recommend!

Warframe is a free-to-play cooperative third-person shooter video game developed and published by Digital Extremes. Originally released for PC Microsoft Windows in March 2013, it was later ported to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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  1. There's not much more to say other than the weapon is immensely powerful and I have enjoyed my time with it. Highly Recommend!

  2. Can u do a review/guide for the Guandao? Its my favorite polearm 😉

  3. Gaze Kitgun??

  4. We got 2 beautiful moons

  5. Can you do an updated Latron Prime build video?

  6. What was the fashion frame for the moon at the beginning?

  7. Hey, I was wondering if yoiu could maybe do future guides with the primed mods without a riven? It always had bothered me how I have to look at other channels to find a build (which shows builds with a bad setup in my opinion) for it when you could do guides with regular versions of the mods, then do one with the primed mods and then do one with the primed mods + riven. I don't want to build a weapon to then have a disappointing waste of formas and catalyst, so that's why I'm asking you to perhaps do it like that so it can be prevented from happening.

  8. Use this on a double arcane velocity Mesa Prime.

    Then just watch mobs die to machine gun fire like hell. Up until lvl 200.

  9. i prefer arcane charge because you can go into mayhem mode with arcane velocity

  10. Dat MOON be PHAT!

  11. i prefer pax charge to make it ssentially have unlimted ammo… mostly because for some reason I have trouble hitting headshots using the finger…. its like the projectile is fat, but the actual hitbox is fairly small imo, also the seeker bolts hits the damn ceiling waay to often for my liking

  12. Good video but I think you are wrong saying it packs a bigger punch than catchmoon (9:17). My riven moded (120%Ms 190 D 80 elec neg infested) catchmoon does 37k radiation 4.8x multiplier and has 100% chance to shoot 4 bullets. Tombfinger is much less powerfull lol.

  13. I really dislike that you use the regular mods instead of the primed ones, i know it's a new player friendly aproach, but they're the same mods, it's not like you're putting maiming strike on it, it's the same mod but better. just a suggestion.

  14. Is it me or do you sound a little like you're in a empty room?

  15. Zenith build?

  16. Will you do the skiajati aoon?

  17. Hey question I just got a riven mod for sigma and octantis. It's a 700 day log in reward weapon I guess do you have it?? I like watching your build videos

  18. The moon is gorgeous isn't it

  19. A 150 plat for the tombfinger? Mah boi, I've seen people selling/buying those rivens at 500 plat. That's what I see on latin american server at least. It's insane.

  20. What components are you rocking on that?

  21. I called mine The Tenets of Trechery. Totally didn't steal it from a line of All Things Must Die in RWBY lol.

  22. Test it with duality :3

  23. 0:00 you knew what you were doing

  24. Rattleguts

  25. What about one "Loving the unloved" with the Hind ?

  26. I have a suggestion, since you are so good at explaining and have the technical knowledge of Warframe, can you test and review the Arcanes that change the Damage Type of the Amps?

  27. Love this gun, great video. Bought an unrolled for 200 got it to MS and damage to granier. Still rolling but it's spicy as hell already.


    Spores, amirite?

  29. Leyzar, I love your guides, especially as a returning player who just got back into the game 5 months ago. But even your new-player-friendly layouts are sometimes not so player friendly. I finally hit MR14 and got my Tigris Prime, but to build it the way you recommend, requires 3 mods that are either near impossible to impossible to get, and expensive, things that as an unemployed single parent, I cannot afford. Sweeping Serration isn't available for me to get on my own and cost 18 plat unranked. Shell Shock is another I cannot get and cost 85 plat, unranked. And Scattering Inferno I can't get and cost 23 plat unranked.

  30. that was a mad transition at the start

  31. I was actually kinda afraid you'd make this video. Quietly wispers dispo in your ear. Anyway great video as always leyzar.

  32. Is it bad that the reason I build Saryn is because she thicc and not because of dps or gameplay?

  33. Omg is this a youtuber that did a weapon review without using prime mods on every build

  34. Someone here went straight to Tombfinger after the Riven 🙂 Again — congrats on your luck, mate 🙂 I assume you will borrow your friend's Catchmoon Riven and do the same Kitgun with Catch chamber?

  35. I am happy, because of that name you gave the weapon. :3

  36. I don't use Zaws and Kitguns because I find them lore breaking.
    Who would win?
    A high tech weapon build by a long lost technological advanced civilization's best engineers.
    A piece of junk hammered together from scrap parts in a glorified junkyard by one of two personalities a crazy woman possess.
    Or maybe a big stick made by some guy who lives in the medieval age?

    Seriously, it makes no sense. Lore breaking.

  37. >164% crit and 4.8 multi

  38. Nice syandana; Anyone know the name?

  39. Moon. LoL

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