Top 10 BEST SLOT WINS — 2017 Edition — CRAZY BIG WINS!

Top 10 BEST SLOT WINS — 2017 Edition — CRAZY BIG WINS!

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For many of you, it’s likely you may have seen some of these before, but you’ve probably not seen them all, and now they’ve been specially edited for maximum excitement! So be sure to check them out and let me know what you think! These are my «Best» wins, where I show my greatest wins relative to bet:

10. Captain Cutthroat by Aristocrat: 0:09
9. Band of Gypsies by Konami: 4:46
8. 5 Frogs by Aristocrat: 6:40
7. King Cat by Ainsworth: 10:16
6. Fortune Falcon by Ainsworth: 13:45
5. King of Africa by WMS: 15:54
4. Meltdown Overload by Everi: 19:14
3. Zeus by WMS: 24:01
2. Cheshire Cat by WMS: 25:41
1. Diamond Destiny by Everi: 30:21


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41 комментарий

  1. Awesome loved loved this video. Congrats and thanks for the uploads 🙂

  2. You are always so nice and charming with the annoying old people that won't stop talking at you. 😀

  3. That Zeuss bonus is suspect

  4. This was a fantastic collection of games. Normally I don't watch compilations or lengthy films, but this just kept getting better and better and I couldn't stop. What a year of wins. Hope 2018 is even better.

  5. great 1 love it

  6. Hey how come there's no talking during that big Zeus hit? For some reason I thought that video was older than 2017. You have so many good ones, I can't keep track! 🙂

  7. Ugh, that woman telling you "Don't give in to the weakness!!" Yeah, the Gambler's Anonymous meeting is down the hall lady. Free coffee and donuts…" Haha!!

  8. Zeus, quietest full screen jackpot ever, lol. Great wins!

  9. I still like the Diamond Destiny as my favorite, despite the bigger wins, because of how how excited you got. Your voice went up 100 octaves…lol

  10. My favorite is the overload video. I remember watching that in your last compilation!

  11. I love when you have old ladies in the background always talking to you while your trying to make your videos =)

  12. Are you a professional gambler? Has anyone asked what you do for a living? You don't have to answer if your uncomfortable, I just support you all the time and was curious.

  13. Fantastic! Come to Seneca Niagara!

  14. I wish there was a documentary on this guy. It would be fascinating. Rolling up to the casino, mega sized bank rolls, superstitions and his favorite games. Highs and lows with gambling.

  15. And the biggest question…were you UP or DOWN for the year???

  16. Love these! Thank you!

  17. How was a 33k Zeus win NOT #1….its the only video you were not commenting on…was this you.???? No way!! Still waiting for a group pull in AZ..or ANY GROUP pull for that matter!

  18. This is the 5th time I watched your meltdown overload. Still love it!!! Great bonus great win!

  19. Thanks, fun to see your wins.

  20. Love the video . My favorate was and alwayas will be zues. Keep it up buddy

  21. Awesome !!!!

  22. First, was Captain Cutthroat at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas??? Next, those were ALL So Amazing! I can't wait to see Your Top 10 of 2018!!! Great Video!

  23. LOVED the collection of wins!!!!

  24. Wow! Incredible wins…

  25. So wait, can we talk about #3? Was that a $33,000 hand pay? How is that only #3? LOL love the top 10. I think I had seen them all except #3!

  26. So stoic during that zeus win… i would have crapped everywhere from screaming so hard..


  28. How do you get a full screen with a 3x multiplier and not get a handpay?

  29. Hahahahha omg I feel like a stalker!.. I think I have commented on all those videos… still Congrats mr. Bp

  30. Wow nice wins. Nice to see that. Good luck in the future!

  31. A lot of these I've already seen but they're totally worth watching again! Awesome wins TBP!

  32. All the jackpots were great, I’ll say my favorite one was the meltdown overload one because of all the retriggers you had I mean that’s extremely rare and almost never happens! Great job bigpayback!

  33. Man you are a lot nicer than I am whenever people talk to me whenever I gamble LOL. Anytime someone becomes a chatterbug when I'm going to bonus I wind up losing and then they are all like oh well that's too bad. Just let me play my game LOL

  34. Phenomenal wins, sir!

  35. That was fun to revisit!

  36. You had so many great wins for 2017 that I don't know how you only picked out 10!!! I also love when you interact with people. Love your channel!!

  37. Omg that damn meltdown one was incredible that’s the shit I dream of!!! Awesome videos!

  38. OFF THE CHARTS!!!!! is right. great hits sir. good to have you back posting more often you're one of my favorite channels. you bet everywhere from 1.50 to astronomical LOL tons of fun

  39. Nice

  40. Keep up the good work!

  41. It was nice to see those wins again

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