Top 10 Wins on Primal Megaways

Top 10 Wins on Primal Megaways

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Get ready for some Stone Age big wins on Blueprint’s Primal Megaways slot.

00:00 Intro
00:09 #10 CasinoHoppers2019
00:48 #9 Miikapekka (@miikapekka)
01:33 #8 Prophetting
02:22 #7 David Labowksy (@David Labowsky — Casino Streamer)
04:30 #6 Siccmade
05:19 #5 KatyBella
05:49 #4 ZAKATTACKzb
06:21 #3 NickSlots (@NickSlots — Casino Streamer)
07:29 #2 Brian Koppen
08:43 #1 Vaffel1 [ad_2]

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  2. song name 0 : 13 sec pls help me

  3. How was Siccmade betting $10 when the max bet is $£€5

  4. what is the name of this game

  5. for some reason I cant play this slot in germany

  6. my best was 5x
    amazing right

  7. Primal is actually one of my favourite megaways its so well done!


  9. great video again with NICE winnings!

  10. This is so old

  11. I love this game, had more big wins on it than any other slot, and my best win ever 5695x was on Primal too.

  12. Primal is like the most OG slot ever, haha love it and congratz on the wins.

  13. I think the video is entertaining regardless if there is acting or not. I chalk the streamers behavior up to them being in competition with each other for attention. Their competitive environment produces this.

  14. i won't be surprised if david labowski turns out to be a serial killer

  15. funny because on 4:49 he's betting 10$ stake even tho primal is 5€ max stake?

  16. Had a 2000x twice on this to. Amazing game that last one blew my mind

  17. 10th

  18. some of these fake money streamers need acting class

  19. Abysmal acting from some of these clowns. Labowsky one of the only ones I trust.

  20. First ish lol

  21. I'll be honest — I don't believe half the shit i see on these videos, BUT the editing is always hilarious, I'll give you that

  22. First

  23. im 142th

  24. Im the 4th

  25. 2nd

  26. 1st?

  27. 2nd

  28. 1st

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