Trying Different Slot Machines To Get Bonus & Big Win | Season-1 | EPISODE #22

Trying Different Slot Machines To Get Bonus & Big Win | Season-1 | EPISODE #22

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25 комментариев

  1. Brother never say sorry, you always try your best and win or lose your videos are still the best on YouTube for slots!!


  3. La conozco tbien!!!! Del Coty Center Rosario (STA FE) Argentina!!!!

  4. Me encanta!!!! De Argentina!!!!!

  5. Julio 2020

  6. Hermoso!!!!!

  7. Soy Argentina!!!!!

  8. Go boy

  9. Play 3 reels. You always win big on those

  10. Good luck and prosperity. Have you ever tried cash machine? I won $5000 on $200 in the game. Also on blazing 7s quick hit I won the progressive on a $100 in. I would love to see you win on these machines.

  11. NG casinos are difficult I never heard you complain and it wouldn't make a difference to me if you did complain. NOBODY ENJOYS LOSING

  12. Play some high limit triple double stars

  13. you have all the right to complain.
    It is not a matter of you being able to afford to loose it or not.
    When you play as much as you do a return is not asking to much.
    I am surprised you have not gotten so tired of playing and no decent returns that you have not quit
    We have cut our going from every weekend to sometimes not going at all.
    We can afford to loose as well (agree not as much as you) but still a good chunk of change and we have slowed our play.
    You have complained way less than I would have been

  14. Try quick hit machines

  15. NG Can u please play some quick hit machines

  16. I have faith I. You NG,,,get that big one!!

  17. NG, we love your humor and your magic words 🙂 This is the only slot channel we watch. Yes, we're having a wonderful day especially when you laugh. It sounds so jolly, it always makes us laugh along. Would love to see you try White Orchid sometime, Konomi games aren't waking up lately!

  18. Oh common NG you should play more on Triple Sparkle. Your doing not too bad on that slot machine damn. You should play more next time on the same.

  19. I never see you play Fu Nan Fu Nu slot machine. I wish I can watch you play this slot machine

  20. who cares what people are saying about your complaining…nobody is forcing them to watch….thank you for letting us enjoy the ride

  21. Three max bet bounces.. For 10.00 gross

  22. HEY NG! I been watching you for months now..anyways I got my first hand pay finally last night on that first machine your playing here fu di lian le or whatever it's called 5 cent denom 4.40 bet i hit the major it was very high $1,590.71 so yayyy lol great videos man show ME THE POWER OF YOUR BONUS!

  23. NG, i think harrahs is burning you. that bonus on a $17.60 bet and only winning $230 that is unacceptable. x 10 would be where is should of been. i think you are betting too big and the casinos are not wanting to pay you on those large bets, especially right now due to the plandemic. this reminds me of the san manuel days. (long time viewer) go farther south there is more than barona down here.

  24. Whenever you get the pot bonus you never pick the left side three. I noticed this on numerous pot bonuses.

  25. You can complain all you want and do what you want. It's your channel. I support everything you do. Continue to stay awesome. I'm just glad the casinos are open again. Best of luck next time.

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