Two Steps From Hell — Impossible (feat. Merethe Soltvedt)

Two Steps From Hell — Impossible (feat. Merethe Soltvedt)

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Composed by Thomas Bergersen.
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  1. Salute Legends, who made this evergreen music.

  2. Salute Legends, who made this evergreen music.

  3. Kom det nordiska Auro-brasilianska riket !

  4. Its IMPOSSIBLE to like this comment <3

  5. Soooo this song definitely plays unbidden in my mind whenever I'm about to take on a project or something mildly epic happens in my life. I love the sense of adventure, bravery, and hope it carries. Thoroughly enjoy this piece!

  6. In the land of elves a hero rises from his ashes. His journey led him to dark places and heroic achievements. He battled mischevious and notorious foes. Vctorious he rised. Epic songs follow him to his well earned throne. Men elves dwarves succumb to his aura. Hail the king.

  7. I first found this song while in the hotel lobby in China waiting for the bus to come to take us to the wall on our school trip last year. The whole trip was the best experience of my life so far, and I remember going all over China listening to this song day and night through my earphones, just makes this song even better somehow. I don’t know what is better than this song now seriously.

  8. PLZ, come to my channel and watch the new playlist that I made! It's titled "Dangerous".

  9. INCROYABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Realy simmilar to Fairy Tail soundtrack.

  11. This 8min worth it

  12. There's a reason why the genre's called "epic".

  13. Skip if you don't like don't dislike!

  14. please do more of your works !!!

  15. I think that they could do at least 3 tracks out of this one, all with different melodic pace and those would be far more supirior than this one.
    For example between 1:00 and 2:00 there is epic track but music changes after that and it is still good afterward but just other.
    Same situaction after half of the clip.
    Generally great music thou.

  16. why the HELL are there 2.3k dislikes, I hope 99% of those are just mistakes

  17. i think the rule of no song longer then 6 minutes applies to this song in some parts, but the parts where it gets good are so good it doesn't matter. This is one of my favorite songs on my " when im saving the world/ doing my homework" playlist

  18. My friend and I REALLY love this song! There’s no way I could EVER dislike this!

  19. ¿Han oído la música de Thomas Bergersen en el programa de radio "Radicalizandonos"? ¡Es un big-bang! Radicales ¡YA!

  20. For me is impossible to hear this song without thinking of a great journey of the seas, exploring the world, battling foes and finding numerous companions and enemies towards the way… epic adventure awaits!

  21. Is just….wait, not awesome….but something even greater than that. Is impossibly awesome
    I love this!

  22. I played this to my pet lizard.

    Now a Komodo Dragon lays on my bed.

  23. Nothing is impossible with God! Awesome this song reminds me of that!

  24. This is the type of song you can write a story about

  25. Who says it’s IMPOSSIBLE to listen to a cappella, rock, pirate, epic orchestra, Irish, Celtic, and metal at the same time?! Not me! And not TSFH!

  26. EPIC!!

  27. The 0:008:55 is the Best part.

  28. i love this song !!!

  29. T_T

  30. Whenever I listened to this music, it reminded me of him. I can't even write him anything…..

  31. Monumental Masterpiece !!!!

  32. I understand why the dislikes, this song mande a giant mistake: It have end.

  33. Future musique assassins creed Vikings en 2020 ⛵

  34. Somebody told Thomas Bergersen it was impossible to make a decent song that consisted of over three genres. Thomas went ahead and created a musical masterpiece with eight genres shoved into one one song.

  35. They said it couldn't be done. That to combine the most heart pounding, spirit lifting music known to mankind into one epic score was impossible. That's when He came forward. A Hero of our age to come and beat the odds.

    And in one swift motion, Thomas Bergersen stood up and spoke aloud two words. Just two, but they carried a promise mightier then any sword.

    He said, "Hold My Ale…"

    And thus, The Impossible was born.

  36. It reminds me of the old black D&D Master set cover image with a king riding a gold dragon, flying high, encircling his kingdom and surveying it with pride.


  38. Feel like this song covers all genres! This is the song that unites music lovers everywhere!

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