U.S WARNS Pakistan on terror | Big win for Indian Diplomacy

U.S WARNS Pakistan on terror | Big win for Indian Diplomacy

[ad_1] The United States of America has reaffirmed its demand that Pakistan abide by United Nations Security Council Commitments to deny safe havens to terrorists and block their access to funds as it welcomed Islamabad decision to release the captured Indian Air Force pilot. Watch the video to know more!

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39 комментариев

  1. First time I can say I'm proud of Donald duck !!

  2. Indians and Americans are the real terrorist so fuck you

  3. All these bloody Porkistani assholes should be publicly brutally executed.

  4. Any terror incident happens anywhere in the world always will be somehow related to terroristan or has connection with this terroristan. Such a cancer of our beautiful mother earth.

  5. it is time to nuke that bastards and send congress and other anti nationals to pak before that to take pic of bombing

  6. No evidence pakistan connected to attack.

  7. No the US just want to destabilise pakistan it's kind of obvious.

  8. Sad. Still believe US drama.

  9. Terrorism in the name of religion. So Pakistan ppl couldn't able to realise which is good or bad.

  10. 4 soldiers died again today peace my ass

  11. U think America can defeat the people who believes that life starts after death.

  12. No one in Pakistan is listening. Too far gone.

  13. Why American intelligence does not see terrorism in Pakistan….and Why US is more interested on iraq, libia, siria, iran and north korea?

  14. Shamw on pakistaan diplomacy

  15. ST1 MEMBERS JAPAN,AMERICA,INDIA JAI COALISION! Russia, uk, AUS, Canada and EU and 55 other countries have backed up India!

  16. Putin — Kisne chodi F16 ki Maaiya?
    Modi- MIG Bhaiya, MIG Bhaiya

  17. FUCKISHtan

  18. Propaganda media shame on India

  19. Majic of MODI..

  20. Jai hind
    Kick Pakistanis out of the world where they live any part of the world
    Jai hind jai usa

  21. What absolute hypocrites pull the strings in the US but most importantly what both country's and humanity needs to realise is that this will happen if they start using even medium strength destructive nukes

  22. Indian people very smart and genuines .
    As Imran khan rejected usa fund and help .behind all theses mess or Islamic so called terror USA creation, and still in usa payroll thats why usa need war and problems either in middle east ,Afghanistan or India and Pakistan to sale thier weapon and aminition to pak and India.and Arabs.
    Been Afghanistani we knows how usa policy suffers us since 40 years.
    Who created Taliban??
    Who support and and work along bin ladin????
    Request for pak and Indian
    So please stay calm and don't support war
    It's ugly and disastore for both countries.

  23. Thanks to Modi ji

  24. Biggest joke of century. Too besshram Indians and Indian media is. Making fool of Their nation.

  25. Tmara DADDY US hume ye warnings 16 saal se da rha he. The F do give about these threats. Aur han, POWs ko acha treat krna hme hamare mazhab ne sikhaya he. Agar appreciate nai kr skte to propaganda b na kro.

    Sharam tmko magar nahe ati. Pakistan Zindabad.

    Ab shuru hojae sare galyo pe.

  26. India didn’t win at all, they just cried bc Pakistan was within its right to shoot down the planes

  27. This is no big news , this is standard diplomacy you idiots , hows this support off India

  28. Power of India and modi

  29. US has been warning pak for the past 20 years and then it's back to square one.

  30. message to Pakistan long due..better late than never…Let's see if the isi is routed atleast now so that there is peace in the region..

  31. Oho.. what a diplomatic win…mother fuckers…you Indian media can do can say anything…?

  32. "cut off flow of money"? Who else is giving it the training, combat resources, money etc but the Pak govt via its military and Intelligence! How long would the countries address the Pak as an anti terror partner with its unconcealed support and repeat infiltation of militant jihadis and secessionists across Indian border besides the official violation of ceasefire by its border security people costing lives of Indian jawans and civilians as well. More than Iran or Korea who only wish to show their combat power it is Pak that is actually unleashing terror activity in its neighbourhood. This it is fit to get all the tough sanctions first but being treated with lax seriousness by UN and major friendly powers as well.

  33. India is a gutter full of Indians

  34. Half news.

  35. Why indians are so pussies?why can’t they just finish Pakistan,we need some fun comeon India and Pakistan fight a bit!!

  36. Blablablabla

  37. US under Jews lobby have long waited to hammer Pakistan. After successfully hammering most Arab Muslim country, next is Pakistan. Every Muslim country would not be spare from disaster ☠️

  38. America ka baap b hmara kuch bghr nhe sakta.we do what we want to do that's it

  39. Pakistan is really in big problem now. At leat Now They have to take any action on terrorism. If no they will become punching bag to very small countrys too.

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