Upcoming changes to Warframe overview alerts/melee/rivens l Warframe Fortuna

Upcoming changes to Warframe overview alerts/melee/rivens l Warframe Fortuna

[ad_1] In case you missed these upcoming changes to warframe here is an overview.

melee changes :

riven changes:

alerts changes: [ad_2]

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  1. If my rivens get reset bye bye warframe

  2. I think that even though scary, eventually melee 3.0 may lead to rebirth of melee mains. Before that the issue was survivability because you'd almost never use the block button. Now that this will happen automatically without bigger interruptions we might start appreciating 80%damage block that we have on some melees.

  3. It's nerf or nothing

  4. Typical quality Gaz content. Excited to see how the melee plays out, as I too am often a "quick jab" melee type player. Perhaps also time to sell my Kohm riven.

  5. 16 mins?!!

  6. It would be better if they make all riven disposition to Neutral, instead of changing them every couple month. MR fodder weapons are not going to change much even with strong disposition. nobody will switch to crap weapon with strong dispo.
    I would not care much if kuva is easier to get, or it cost 1k to cycle once. What I feel right now is DE slap me in the face and says: get a life, and go back to work.

  7. Interesting stuff coming up… good summary, subscribed.
    I've never invested time or platinum in Rivens; just like the nerfing of Warframes, weapons etc you just have to assume they might change them pretty much anytime, don't invest too much time or money into a single item in this game 😉
    Also holy …, 36k platinum. Impressive.

  8. I haven't been playing warframe that long, but I don't get the Riven deal. I mean why nerf the weapons people like to use? You work your butt off trying to get the rivens for your favorites and they get nerfed. There are some non-meta weapons that I like to use, but the Rivens I get are not strong enough for end game. So I say buff and not nerf. If you grind your butt off to get a riven and kuva and forma-ing, shouldn't the weapon be awesome? Something to brag to your friends about. Not to mention the plat for more riven slots. If anything they should be putting in a trade system, so you can swap or auction off unwanted Rivens unattended.

  9. This is rough… My slide crit kripath sobs in the corner.. and I don't even want to think about riven dispo changes as they are just going to chip away at anything good every 3 months till they are garbo. Thanks Gaz

  10. This is totally off topic but that amount of Ayatan Sculptures is just ridiculous

  11. Some mods shouldnt be %based but flat buff addition way it is now it benefits stronger weapons and doesnt help weaker ones.Question is do u want all weapons to be mediocre ? No theres need to be power creep in order to feel any form of satisfaction u need a challange to get to a point when ur powers weapons are god like. As a volt main melee changes could rly hurt my playstyle so i hope theyre gonna be good.

  12. Do they know how much I paid for my Rivens I’m so done with this game smh I don’t have money to waste

  13. What are the new rewards

  14. My god. The amount of endo u can have through the aytans. I wish I have that many. I need endo so much

  15. i'll buy velocitus rivens call me

  16. When the only weapon you REALLY care about already has a riven dispo of 1.. I wish you all the best. Btw., I'm so confused, since day 1 DE has been saying power was already a big if not the biggest factor in riven dispo, and it sort of must be the case since dispo and popularity aren't even closely correspondent in some cases like the Tonkor, even accounting for their rules such as ''rivens can only be nerfed by x after every dispo update''

    If what they mean is they'll prioritize power over popularity more than they did in the past even if they already took both into account, I'm cautious DE will have a good grasp of what's actually good and bad. Personally, I feel very discouraged to grind for weapons that rely on rivens to have some sort of edge. The grind/security that what you grind for isn't gonna ''aaaand it's gone'' ratio is already a little bit off as it is.

  17. Hm, I think the Riven Mods are a nice addition but the Disposition of them make them hard to balance.

    I think that most popular weapons will stay popular even if the Rivens get changed. (Except for special cases like the Kohm)
    Why? Because the weapons itself are good or they feel good.
    I own a powerful Lanka Riven and I got a Rubico Riven a few weeks ago.
    Even if the values of my Rubico Riven change, I will not return to the Lanka for fighting Eidolons.

    I wonder if it had been a better choise to give every weapon the same Riven Disposition (e.g. 3 dots) and tie their reroll cost to MR or popularity. This would give player an incentive to invest in weaker/more unpopular weapons without creating the every returning dilemma of Riven Disposition changes.

  18. Bro they better chill tf out with rivens cause this could really kill them, I only get rivens for weapons that need them for niche uses, if my euphona riven drops beneath the required status i will be pissed, same with my fucking kohm riven they better not fuck with it.

  19. New melee change isnt a nerf man. Cough vigorous swap…

    Also being able to shoot a gun in hysteria, exalted blade, iron staff… Use a melee with Artemis bow… EPIC

  20. Awesome video as always

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