Viva Monopoly MAX BET BIG WIN

Viva Monopoly MAX BET BIG WIN

[ad_1] a slot machine bonus win on an oldie but goodie Viva Monopoly. this is a max bet bonus and a good win.

this was a Four Queens on Fremont st Las Vegas [ad_2]

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  1. You were so fucking drunk in this one. LOL

  2. Only saw this at 4 Queens last week. 

  3. I like this one alot:)

  4. I've only seen it happen once, when the vault door opens he comes out and goes down to the high limit slots, increases the slot value, and plays one of them. It added another $50 to my bonus win.

  5. no I haven't.. what happens with that. actually I never even paid attention to it

  6. One of my favorites!!! I'll be staying there this weekend and playing this one for sure!!! Ever had Mr. Monopoly come out at the end and play the high limit?

  7. I love this machine, but they recently took it out of my local casino. Makes me sad.

  8. well thank you. we always have a blast. but nice hits always help.. thank you for watching!

  9. You guys have so much fun I enjoy watching your videos

  10. 🙂

  11. OMG! I have never seen this one! Absolutely love it! I haven't seen this at any of the Connecticut casinos. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Nice bonus J, thanks for sharing.

  13. At the end, "Do you need a Wheel barrel?" YEA!!!!

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