Viva Wyndham Fortuna Grand Bahama Island 6-15

Viva Wyndham Fortuna Grand Bahama Island 6-15

[ad_1] This is just a quick tour of the resort we made to show family and friends who will be going with us next year. We go every year and love the resort. [ad_2]

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  1. Thanks for the information. Is the food included in the stay? I would also like to ask is can I ride my wheelchair ♿ to the beach.and get in the water.

  2. What is the night life like?

  3. Wonderful video! Thanks for sharing. Quick questions, I’ve been reading where people have complained about lack of towels. Should we bring our own?

  4. This resort looks dead… Thanks for the video

  5. Any suggestions on how to book those rooms right on the beach….near that scuba shack? The ones without the obstructing view of the ocean?

  6. what time did u get there

  7. hello!! I'm planning to go in 2 weeks but looking at the weather in June scares me a little. was there rain while you were there?

  8. For the price not impressed

  9. Is it a quiet resort? Or do they like to party? Thank you aha, I'm going soon and want to know what to expect aha! Thanks for the video!

  10. Great Job! Thanks a million!!!

  11. nice job James, you covered the place well, I was just there for 3-days and didn't even know there was more out back of the green section… missed all that, but had plenty to do on the poolside where I was staying… this place is perfect for a nice relaxing getaway!!!

  12. Thanks for taking time to do this showing, James Bradley. Totally awesome. We are planning a vacation for some time in the second or third week of October this year and we were having the Memories resort in mind. Now, however, I am divided. I am glad we didn't make the reservation yet because this sure looks really nice. Reason we had Memories in mind was because we stayed in Memories when we did the all-inclusive Varadero in 2014 and we had a great time. Which ever it is, this or Memories, we're making it the Bahamas in October. Thanks for sharing this, James Bradley 🙂

  13. We will be arriving in two days! Any tips on how to maximize the fun?

  14. For everyone going soon look up a taxi driver out front of the resort named Morris. He will give you a great price on taking you anywhere on the island and does a great tour at a great price.

  15. I'm going there next month… I don't see any motorized sports…Are there any jet skis or boats on the resort?

  16. my wife and i are going in august. how do you get to the hotel from the airport a shuttle or taxi?

  17. this was very helpful and got me excited. Lucked up and got an all inclusive with air here in june for just 449. Thanks for this video

  18. Thanks. Have to find place my handicap mom will be happy. See any motorized wheelchair there? Otherwise, My arms will hurt!

  19. great video..thanks a lot!! we are heading there next excited!!
    are they places to rent scooters??

  20. I have been there in 2016 like last week I came back same resort I loved it I miss it so much

  21. was there is 05. wonderful place and wonderful people

  22. Great video. Very informative… Is there any nightlife?

  23. wonderful video 🙂 do they also have a pool bar there?

  24. How about in the resort?

  25. i was wondering, what kind of beer do they provide there?

  26. im coming  33 dodo from quebec

  27. I can't stress how cool it is you ran the tour for everyone. You helped people more then you can imagine. It's refreshing to see someone who isn't self absorbed with you tube. Most vids to help show the people more then the resorts. Again Ty. You have any excursion for fishing or island hoping suggestions? Thanks man !

  28. Awsome ! You mentioned gold rock beach , clarity of water, where is that beach ?

  29. Hey I am putting together a video I filmed while I was there this 4th of July. But I didn't get enough coverage and I was wondering if I could use your video to fill in some holes? I will of course give on screen credit with a link to your video in the description.

    Let me know if this would be okay.

  30. The only real video of this place

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