Vox Solaris — The Gossip of Fortuna

Vox Solaris — The Gossip of Fortuna

[ad_1] «Rumors spread fast down here, Outworlder.»

This was just supposed to be a quick little compilation, but turned out to be basically a full little short film almost. Doesn’t include some really short or random lines. [ad_2]

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  2. I really love the lo-fi voices speaking through static, like Little Duck or the dude at 1:33.

  3. 4:14 Nakak's disciple

  4. 8:54 did i just hear cursing in warframe

  5. I had to put actual effort into trying to understand what they were saying

  6. Music is faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar too loud, I can barely hear the dialoges, I'm really stretching here to catch the words.

  7. Console tenno here. Gee, I cant wait to watch this when fortuna drops for us in mid February…

  8. i wonder if any of these are rumors are true

  9. Are these dialogues that can be found in Fortuna or was this forced somehow? For me none of these characters never moves from their postion..

  10. That fucking fidget spinner

  11. This is a goldmine.

  12. Ty fir this, bit there are still some parts I struggle to understand. Could subtitle be added?

  13. "I've seen a warframe once, cost me a leg and me friends their lives" Does that mean he was a crewman, and we were wrong about how aware crewmen are, or am I missing something?

  14. If someone can put subtitles, I will forever be indept to them…


  15. I never had so much trouble understanding English

  16. 6:32 : "6 months popping zits near mercury"
    So you're saying theres a colony of Infested in Mercury that someone is harvesting?

  17. Can we get subtitles for this video, SD?

  18. Subtitles please.

  19. It's one of those things you never knew you needed

  20. 7:44 Was that dialog from The Gradivus Dilemma Event?

  21. Great video. But when is the fortuna what we know lore video coming. I cant wait. Keep up the good work

  22. I still want to use their tools as weapons, specially those big wrenches.

  23. Welp, now I need you to do this to Cetus and the relays. You only have yourself to blame.

  24. What I love about these idle conversations is that not only it hints at all sorts of worldbuilding (whether it is existing locations like Cetus or the Index, or rumors of the Orokin Gene Forge), it also shows us the various faces of the Fortuna folk: Weary overworked ones, ones with side jobs doing mercenary work, even ones that actually support the Corpus and might even used to be one of the crewmen you bullet-jumped past, but they got stuck at a bad spot somehow like the rest of them. It's all very multifaceted, which I like.

    Personally my favorite line is the one fellow that mentions that the other Corpus actually want Nef Anyo to mess up and let Solaris United take over. Means you can show off Corpus support and still fight Nef.

  25. 18mins of noises nice

  26. All I hear are mumbling. The background music is too loud.

  27. Subtitles ?

  28. Its really hard to understand what they are saying with the loud music and all those background noices.

  29. Music is too loud, makes it hard to hear what their saying.

  30. Finally I can here (some) of what is said by the solaris, but I feel the music and background noise are still too strong.

  31. those drills can talk

  32. @1:27 that voice in the background: wtf?

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