Walking Dead Slot Machine Max Bet! FIRST SPIN BONUS!!! BIG WIN!!!

Walking Dead Slot Machine Max Bet! FIRST SPIN BONUS!!! BIG WIN!!!

[ad_1] Decided to give Walking Dead the original a shot. Got very lucky to hit the bonus on the first spin.

Very long bonus multiple wheel spins and free spins. Enjoy!!


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32 комментария

  1. the walkin dead — wiggle your ass zombie — bonus at $3.00 a bet per

  2. Zombies…… AND GAMBLING!

  3. could have went 14 levels free spins stop the wheel bonus

  4. Never been a fan of the old Walking Dead. Congrats to you on a nice win

  5. That's a pretty good first spin

  6. Oh give the zombies some money. They look like they really want someone

  7. Nice !!!!!!! Shocking lol

  8. Nice!…40 cents

  9. First spin bonuses are the best. Congrats. I live in Vancouver BC for 10 years nice to hear the eh?

  10. Can you say nice one more time?

  11. Just what everyone dreams of. A bonus on the first spin. And a good one at that.

  12. This game sucks

  13. I didn't know the original WD slots were still around. All I've seen lately is the newer version.

  14. 802nd!

  15. You are buffy the vampire slayer.
    Good job slaying the walking dead !

  16. My wife and I were headed back to Boston from AC. The traffic was horrible so we stopped at Foxwoods for the night. We had a disagreement as to where to eat dinner. I went off on my own and she went with her mom. I was going to hit the ATM but checked to see if I had any BSP. I had $60. An open Walking Dead machine was very rare in 2015 so I grabbed it. I got the max expansion hoard feature and git the 2 middle reels all wild. Sheriff Rick came out with some extra wilds on 1 2 5 and 6. I thought it would be a good hit, but had no idea it would be that good, $10,360.

  17. Slot Lady just do a video of you smiling……wow

  18. fun video, Sarah.

  19. I hate people who refuse to hit the button. Is it out of some fear of cutting off their winnings or something? The amount you're going to win is dictated at the time of the original button press. Pressing the button again to jump to the total $$ win isn't going to cut your winnings. Maybe I don't understand why people sit there and watch the money slowly add up, but this is the only justification I can come up with. It's annoying, especially when I'm watching it on video. In person I can ignore it, but I came here to check out this game, not watch your winnings slowly add up. Jump to the goods!

  20. Nice job.

  21. Cum oooonnnn lol

  22. Hard to find this machine. I always have liked it.

  23. When I watch you play I feel like I'm playing too. Your video contents are perfect, in my opinion. Background music is not too loud and the commentaries are not too much as well. I hope to bump in to you one day when I come by to Vegas and play. Goodluck! Aloha!

  24. One of the smallest bonuses I've ever seen

  25. Has anyone told u u look like Amy Adams? You're both gorgeous

  26. Right on Right on Right on
    You go girl

  27. Guts feature didn't treat you well but the 5 spins did! Good job Slot Lady!

  28. Nice win, the only bad part is after the bonus the video was over.

  29. What an awesome win!! First spin!!  Congrats.

  30. Thats what I'm talking bout!!

  31. I love the Cosmopolitan. I always win there. Love your videos.

  32. nice,very nice,lov ur wins all the time,wish I was there too ,playing the slots,happy for u as always…..keep it up …..slotlady…….

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