Warframe — An Industry LEADER

Warframe — An Industry LEADER









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  1. Tuna is amazing but I can't play it

  2. WTB my life back for a lanka and kohm riven pmo

  3. The amount of blind whiteknight farts Warframe has bred, they could literally pump out a fresh, still warm shit and people would praise it. If you were to call some flaws or fixes, people would demand your ban, not to mention all the hate.
    Oh btw, not that long ago DE has jumped from "F2P with boosters as a bonus to what you get" to "if you won't boost, then GL wasting your life"
    Sorry folks, but if that looks industry leader, then it's on the same level as all other crap-game companies. The only thing that's different is DE knows asking for 60-40-20$ would be PR suicide and they instead milk this amount and more via almost necessarry microtransactions.

  4. "Fashionframe is a endgame" is a joke btw. Because we don't have a real endgame

  5. Still not a goty category nominee though

  6. Yeah agree with all u said, the game has come a long way since it came out, and while the grind can sometimes be not very motivational, the combat and other stuff more then makes up for it, even more so with Fortuna out 🙂
    can't wait what else is in store for us all, and hope other devs do learn from them, even if that chance seems slim 🙁

  7. I've played since launch on Ps4 and I respectfully disagree.

  8. I've played for six years, coming up on almost 4,000 hours, and it's still one of if not the greatest games I've ever played. Game-changing content revitalizations every few months, with weekly — and substantial — content updates every single week. Not to mention developers who not only care about their game, but genuinely love it and their playerbase. Honestly, it's just so fantastic I can't help but excuse the few flaws there are.

  9. This video needs waaaay more exposition! Share it people, share!

  10. Warframe needs a battle royale…and loot boxes.

  11. Not to mention they give free stuff ALL THE TIME, be it potatoes, skins , platinum, warframes and weapons.

  12. It's funny how publishers talk about games as a service while pumping new version of the game every 1-3 years. And warframe is literally a game as a service completely by accident because they stick to it, changed and expanded the game. Instead of calling quits and running with the money to work on another title.

  13. "No sign of this growth slowing down"

    Boi you aren't a veteran, you don't know that until you've checked the steam numbers XD

  14. best game ever!

  15. Long time warframe player here, this video is really nice, DE is a developer that I wish every studio would try to emulate, the games that come out would be so amazing that we would not have many of the problems of games today. Also any people thinking about playing this game I highly encourage you to try it out, also this game rewards persistence, keep at it if you like the gameplay and it only goes up.

  16. Also take away the long ass crafting times and mr standing caps in wf you can burn thru everything in 2 weeks

  17. This video is Stalker Approved.

  18. Farming platinum, kuva, and buying selling acquiring riven mods are the endgame

  19. Not too many views… it deservers more.. the game is really good in it´s genre
    Very good video

  20. was your content full of food sex puns?

  21. I love Warframe, but people comparing it to AAA games while excusing DE's horrid handling of the game with the "It's just a free to play game" argument is baffling to me.

  22. "I love using [Nezha] to scan on Simaris targets, but I'm not afraid to say I still need the [Kinetic Siphon Trap] for it."
    Your access to the chat has been suspended.

  23. Started playing this since October last year because of all the Destiny 2 news I've been watching. And I play it everday since. Sometimes for just 1hr, sometimes more than 6hrs. Yeah sure, the graphics aren't the best out there, so what? The game is a blast.

  24. So u think the warframe community isnt toxic…

    Try a tridolon hunt at low MR and youll find out real fast.

  25. There is a price though….just look at how well the game does at game awards.

  26. Indeed, Warframe is an industry leader in terms of community and an example of how to monetize correctly a F2P game on the PC/Console market. But that has been said ad nauseum already. All i'm wondering is, why is no one talking about the real problem this game has? End-game is non-existent (and Fashionframe is more of a meme, though, certainly, is cool but not a replacement), Fortuna so far has been PoE 2.0 (with all the good and bad that comes with it), Sacrifice was sweet until it ended (which was quick, really quick in fact for an update we've been waiting for this long), this year has been dry as hell and Orb Vallis so far hasn't really justify it, there are still modes that need updating and a bit more love (ESO, Archwing, the Arena modes still suck, where are Raids again?), damage still needs a big rework, etc.

    My main problem right now with WF is that they keep on pumping out these Updates aimed at new players, and no, i'm not against "new blood" joining the game, in fact i'm always happy to read when someone gets into the game i love, and hell, i helped out a lot of new players. The issue for me is that, what is the point to keep playing? If there is no challenging activity, interesting loot and if the issues the game has had for a while now are still not addressed, what is the point?. Yeah, the gameplay loop is fun, but fun can only take you so far when the content itself lacks in substance.

  27. Dude. 10:35. Really? Patches and updates with WF have been controversial as fuck. "It's wednesday, better nerf trinity" and…. oh yeah the DRACO nerfs… were insane and stupid. The WF devs fuck up, again and again. They DO fix things, and both standing acquisition, the frames involved in the draco nerfs, and even crafting requirements that are perceived as too damn high all get reviewed, potentially even fixed if not explained. However nerfing frames and weapons SOLELY based on usage statistics does produce stupid results, and the communities in WF respond with varying levels of salt and disbelief, which usually prompts the fix in the first place. Do they listen? Yes. Are they so out of touch in many areas of their game that failing to listen would be instantaneous death for this title? Also yes.
    Furthermore, the damage systems in the game were due for an overhaul years ago. Damage overhauls get scheduled, and then cancelled every time. WF devs are, from my limited and retarded point of view, too fucking scared to mess with the damage. It is a primary mechanic that has been dragging this game down, and as newer content continues to come out, it is beginning to be a crippling factor. DE does not want to risk improving their game at the cost of community sentiment, as their "changes" are frequently perceived as unnecessary nerfs most of the time. Which they do tend to be, as the words "buff" to these lovely devs is like saying "voldemort" at hogwarts.

    DE are industry leaders in their business model, creative output for small(ish) size dev teams, and really are the industry golden standard when it comes to "games as a service" type design. But their risk-taking behaviour that birthed this behemoth of a title has faded. Fear of community backlash overrides any prospect of necessary overhaul to central game mechanics. Finally, limited staff means balancing and statistical interpretation of their own game is damaged and skewed. Algorithms determining usage do not measure effectiveness, but are used to nerf weapons all the same, and the size of the game means dev playtesting does not occur as it should. Admittedly, if the devs playtested their game well enough to fix what they need to, they would have no time left in the week for actual fucking development.

    DE are an inspiration, and many devs could learn from them. However, DE could return to risk-taking behaviour, expand their operational budget in regard to team members, and could consider doing puiblic forks in their code, creating 'opt-in' style betas or private test servers to manage community input and expectations, as well as getting a larger QA/playtesting group without the cost of hiring. From the thousands of hours sunk into this game, plus the extra thousand or so of just walking around my orbiter like some kind of broken sim looking for the fridge, I can say this game itself is a vibrant and beautiful universe, and it's cooler than liquid nitrogen.

    But core systems need to grow with the game, and ALL systems implemented need to be finished and fleshed out.
    Kinda wish I didn't care about this game so much tbh, but I do. Keep going DE, please. You are not finished.
    As for you, UEC…. tenno never leave. They just take long breaks. See you out there in future 🙂

  28. warframe is the next Mass Effect for me. After Andromeda Warframe fixed the lack of good Scifi story telling.

  29. I love warframe but it needs a lot and i mean A LOT of QoL changes. Crafting forma should at least be a couple of hours since we're not using forma 1 or 2 pieces but 3 to 4 on a single weapon at most.
    And they need to put more story based content with clear progression rather then just throw an open world for the sake of having one. Also I think they should put more monsters like big ass monsters for raids since doing minisclue bounties over and over gets boring after a while.
    But most importantly is enemy scaling imo. I think they should create where players can create a room with specific enemy levels and the levels should also be dependant on the player's mr.

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