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Warframe Beginners Guide 2018 — How To Prepare For Fortuna Expansion

Warframe Beginners Guide 2018 — How To Prepare For Fortuna Expansion

Warframe Beginners Guide 2018, how to prepare for Fortuna Expansion. This guide series features tips for new warframe players and warframe beginners to help you get into the game and ultimately prepare for the new Fortuna expansion coming this fall. In this first video I’ll walk you through the very early stages of Warframe, explaining as much as possible, and trying to give you the best start so you can progress through earth, begin ranking up your Warframe, getting mods, defeating 3 eximus enemies, and clearing the Venus junction. If you have any questions please leave them in the comments section. Thanks for watching and subscribe if you enjoyed or found helpful!

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Warframe Beginners Guide Part 2 — Farming Your First Warframe, Platinum Trading, Mods, & Codex

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  1. For the advanced players wanting a specific list of things they should be completing prior to Fortuna click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K3zPScAfEKk

  2. I'm not sure what weapons/gear to go for? My buddy played with me for the first few days and I ended up getting weapons like soma prime, dread, twin grakatas etc, now everything else just seems weak. Have I spoilt part of the game by having these? As i'm still clueless about this game.

  3. as a experienced player this video was still pretty fun to watch, gj

  4. How to prepare for Fortuna:
    build a Jat Kittag.
    Mod for impact and magnetic and gas and speed. And vulcan blitz.
    Wreck stuff.
    Build a javlok.
    Mod for pure blast.
    Build a Rhino.
    mod for HP efficiency and armor.

    You can do watever you want to the corpus units and there is nothing they can do about it.

  5. EDGE

  6. Nice guide

  7. It is definitely a lot to digest for a new player, like me, but I am immensely thankful to you for putting up the series. I have read guides on the website but they weren't as comprehensive and informative as your videos. Thank you for this.

  8. Umbra is all I need he is my main and need I'm getting hover bored right away

  9. Dont care if I’m not a new player, I like watching this!

  10. This guide is great! I just started playing yesterday and it's making everything much easier. Too bad I bought a warframe with platinum, I didn't know much about the cosmetics.

  11. Should I find friends or solo?

  12. Melee is B/square on controller X/circle reload A/X jump Y/triangle switch weapons hold to switch to melee Left bumper is slide right bumper access abilities up on d pad mark target

  13. What fram is that?

  14. For Tuna?

  15. Thanks for the info! Great video!

  16. You know its bad when hes talking in the beginning im just sitting here saying "He looks badass how do i get that warframe whats its name?" Oh right beginners guide sorry carry on!

  17. already 942h into warframe lol

  18. When you have 300 hours but still watch the guide

  19. This has nothing to do with fortuna tf are u talking about? You think beginners don’t know the movement of the game by now. Modding will not help them succeed in fortuna

  20. What frame was that at the start?

  21. Or I can play a different game

  22. I just downloaded Warframe a few days ago because I've been bored and was looking for a free game to hold me over until 2k19 comes out, but holy shit is this game an absolute gem. I've been addicted to it and been grinding weapons and frames already. I think the best part is that grinding is actually fun. In 99% of games with a grind aspect, it's almost always boring, but I always find myself enjoying grinding heavily in Warframe. I've just gotten onto Ceres, and I'm now building Rhino over the next 3 days. The idea of a free game where you can have the prime and best items for free, albeit more difficult to grind than to pay, is amazing. U can still buy the items, but being able to grind it out through relics creates this extra layer for free to play players. Honestly, I'm in love with this game

  23. You are a person! Forshame

  24. ive mained excalibur my whole entire time on this game, as well as the braton. at the moment i have a excal umbra, forma'd 4 times and a braton prime forma'd 3 times. 3 weeks into this game so far, mr11 and its all thanks to you

  25. Just started playing Warframe recently. glad I found this video

  26. thx man

  27. This is a cool game, but almost nothing is a “pretty self explanatory process”.

  28. Well, this was pretty pointless.
    I thought it'd be a guide explaining how far players should try to get and what gear they should try to have before the update and stuff like that, to…you know, "prepare for Fortuna", but this video hardly has anything to do with the expansion. You could've just as easily titled it any other way.
    But then that'd be just another beginner guide, huh? Which it is…

    Sorry for that rant, I will say this is a good beginner guide, there are tons of them, but this is good. Arguably one of the better guides. It just doesn't really have anything to do with Fortuna.

  29. Have about 70h, Jupiter is hard to me and I'm progressing really slow, more than it should be. I just want to play solo, but is it possible to git gud? ( already learned movements, i need more fire power. My only good weapons are Hek and Karak )

  30. For eximus enemies I think it's actually better to go for spy missions, since all guards there (except the vigilance drone thingies) are eximus

  31. Glad to see Warframe youtubers im not new but im preparing for The War Within… But besides this 1 or 2 years ago when i played i didnt like the game but i kept playing and got hooked fast but i took breaks on the game but now im back and playing i recommend this game to people because it has a really good story line to it

  32. 1 million Nitain farm to build ships.

  33. Hi I'm new to the game. Just want to ask if its ok not to kill enemies unless needed to? I see some players whom I partied with just running through the enemies and going straight to the objective. Thanks in advance.

  34. Cache is pronounced Cash btw haha

  35. in all honesty what to prepare tho? it would have a new item, new resources, and new mat item

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