[WARFRAME] Best ENDO Farm Guide & Build 2019

[WARFRAME] Best ENDO Farm Guide & Build 2019

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What’s good folks here with a new Farm guide. Bringing you the best Endo farm guide, tips and tricks.
And along side this farm guide, i’m giving you 2 Nekros Builds & a Nidus Build for Endo Farming.
WARFRAME Best Credit Farm 2019






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  1. For people who do not have mods or find Arenas & Arbitrations hard.
    Try Hieracon on Pluto. Where you farm Cryotic, Axi Relics & Endo
    Arbitrations are also a good source of Endo farm.
    Also Elite Sanctuary Onslaught & Orb Vallis Bounties
    If Health Conversion is hard to farm, Steel Fiber is a good Replacement.

  2. So old meta

  3. Love ever since arbitration was introduced I have done an arena run since

  4. I think a lot of people are aware of this method
    The main problem is finding people to team up with
    Even in recruiting chat it's hard to find

  5. The best is arbitration excavations. My best result was 16 rotations in under 1h.
    What a squad of 3 Garas can do..
    Solo Infested Salvage arbi is also great, as the rotations are much faster in solo for some reason.

    EDIT: We were doing a rotation in just under 4min. We would have 3 excavs running as soon as the 3rd is available. Arbi defense for example can take 12min to do a rotation, Interception is 8min per rotation. So yeah… excavations are waaaaaaay better. Only problem is finding a good squad with players that can solo an excavator without loosing it.

  6. I've never done this farm, but I do wonder, would khora work for this as well? Since enemies continue spawning, would her chain pulling ability possibly work better since it continues to draw enemies in over time?

  7. So yeah…if I don't have the frames yet and the mods required then this is not worth it? I'd like to know because currently this is waaay too difficult for me to get and arbitrations would be a lot easier to unlock I just have to complete the Star chart

  8. kohm rivens are expensive af

  9. To anyone willing to try this, I have a fair warning. Farming endo this way is mind-numbingly, soul-crushingly boring. Sure endo is great, but after 30 minutes you will be questioning every life decision that brought you to that point.

  10. was not this long knows?

  11. Pls make a video on an op nidus build

  12. I swear your kiddo freaked me out for a second,It looks like Ronald McDonald.

  13. Nice!!!

  14. Thanks 😀

  15. Nidus + Nekros + Speed Nova + Trinity -> Best setup. Try it guys 🙂

  16. Thanks daddy

  17. NOTIFICATION SQUAD, i feel like 2 arcane repairs are a bit excessive because just 1 will heal you to full usually in 3-4 seconds xD

  18. That a lot of duration on nidus idk how you play with that much duration on nidus

  19. This works well with the perfect team but for me arbitrations are still better

  20. a very sad build

  21. this will make selling my 7 kohm rivens easier!!

  22. pretty early didnt even notice

  23. Yaes

  24. Yey

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