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Thank you for watching! Hopefully, I’ll see you on my next video. 😉


Warframe Fortuna

Fortuna is a Corpus colony located on Venus. Built within a massive underground cavern beneath Orb Vallis, it is home to the Solaris, a population of body augmented debt-slaves working for Nef Anyo. [ad_2]

28 комментариев

  1. what color energy do you use on limbo to get the clear cataclysm like in the video?

  2. no subtitles 🙁

  3. 2nd T. P is already doing kitguns so everyone which his video if you haven't.

  4. I don't know why your the only one who cant name a loadout plz put a name in your configuration on your next video.

  5. good to insanely nut :/

  6. A lot of Corpus weapons have awesome sci-fi designs, like the Arca Plasmor, the Staticor, and now, the Battacor.

  7. The kit guns are interesting. I did wonder about someone doing every possible combination but that would be insane and expensive to pull off. Plus the bottom option of the kit guns host like 22 potential options for crit, status, mag size and reload speed. However seeing all 4 top options with all 4 mid options would be interesting, plus more practical to show off. Sorry for blanking on the proper kit gun names for the parts. Interested in the laser firing one myself.

  8. I'm waiting on Ps4 for Fortuna

  9. I really like the butt-a-car on Miraaaaage too 🙂

  10. glad to have you back,i always look forward to your video's

  11. Nice build but i highly suggest increase fire rate mod its really fun

  12. Primed Shred is the way!

  13. at the start you stand inside the Limbo Void how is it not the Grey ish screen can you please explain ?

  14. Do a garuda video

  15. Butt-a-car is what I keep hearing

  16. How can hunter munitions proc almost every time, when it only has a 30% chance to do so…?

  17. i cant stand the firerate of this gun

  18. i started watching your videos about a mouth ago and you quickly became my favorite Warframe YouTuber. Keep up the good work.

  19. What about harrow lol

  20. Butt-a-cur
    Crackin me right up everytime i hear that. Great video squad leader.

  21. I'm a bit sad, that you miss so much damage potential.
    Please try Primed Bane Mods instead of Vigilante Armaments.
    For Corpus: Gas and Slash (Hunter Munitions)
    For Grineer: Viral and Slash (Hunter Munitions).
    Slash procs double dip and gas (toxic ticks) triple dip.

  22. Notification Squad in here

  23. I like to run this weapon with Vile acceleration. I as another build from another LayzarGaming and he used this mod, and I must say it greatly helps the weapon, and don't bother about the negative damage, it's so low it doesn't kill the kill time of the weapon. Nice build tho, I really love the weapon.

  24. Could it possibly be great for eid hunt?

  25. salut xD

  26. 3rd

  27. 2nd

  28. Amazing (btw 1st)

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