Warframe | Devstream #124

Warframe | Devstream #124

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Join the Devstream crew on the couch for an in-depth look at what to expect from Warframe in the coming months!

Remember, if you watch the Devstream live at twitch.tv/warframe, you’re eligible to win Platinum prizes or Mesa Prime Access! [ad_2]

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  1. As i know you guys for more than 5 years now i can tell that youre not going to nerf maiming strike (which is the problem) you will instead nerf slide attacks.

  2. ppl out here mad they have to hover over the ability’s to see the stats… how lazy are u

  3. Hey will there ever be a 4k-ish version of this game?

  4. This will kill my laptop 🙁 big oof

  5. My dream is fight with dragon or something looks like it in warframe (on map like plaints). Fight with archwing and on ground would be so exited. And of course… who dont like dragons 😀

  6. When do we get Rhino's big sister?(Hildren)

  7. audio an video are out of sync?

  8. Where is that Community and Vauban Rework?

  9. upgrade the grahics geez rather than all these addons. the game is in 480p for gods sack just scaled to be 1080p. the grahics in warframe is unaceptable by today standerds.

  10. Is it just me or the video is ahead of audio?

  11. copied from "The Wolf Amoung Us" with all its seasons

  12. did they mention if you could migrate to Switch again soon?

  13. Imagine a Amalgam Bursa or Nullifier…

  14. Rahetalius is a case of shooting the messenger without addressing the message. Pls stop ignoring things you don't like.

  15. Hope the "kill sprint key" doesnt go through. Sometimes its nice to just walk and it'll just feel like you have less controll over your actions. Theres already an option to toggle sprint and i think thats enough.

  16. Hey, I just wanted to say that I love what you guys have made. I really appreciate the absolutely fantastic game you’ve all made! Thank you!

  17. Clap for you de I liked when you guys dropped it on everyplatforms.

  18. im laying anthem while watching warframe devstream 😐

  19. This game is soo boring and repetetive please add new actual contents like new missions or storyline im tired of fighting countless waves of the same enemies in every mission

  20. When you have equinox with duality and a Spector will the Spector use duality as well to make 4 equinox

  21. I wished to see a DIO deluxe skin on limbo

  22. OWNO

  23. Anyone else got the feels that Rebb feels threatened by Wisp's booty

  24. Disappointed in you


    I guess you are just like the other game companies. Useless.

  25. Después del soporte a dx9 mi juego ya no puedo jugar en escuadrones y me va muy lento en cargar mapas por favor solución

  26. Make a walkkey instead of a sprintkey, so we can still dramatically walk slowly if we want to.

  27. Sooo, no railjack info in the slightest? All theres talk about a thicc warframe. Cool wisp has a huge donk, but i feel like we need more destruction(weapons and such and yes i watched the whole thing), fixing things that need to be fixed, warframe deluxe skins being releasedCOUGH*WUKONG*COUGH!!, any info on big future updates? Modes? Will equinox prime be showing up with hild and wisp? I feel these things people should be hype for instead of wisp being thicc…

  28. Have been playing this gem since Update 13 and played it on an on-and-off basis. Currently sitting at 2.6k hrs playtime and now I'm on my 5th or 6th Warframe break. With the recent changes and additions and the upcoming features I might jump back into it.

  29. I hope you can make Deluxe itens sold OUT of pack in the future. I really would like to buy the Helmith Charger skin that came with Nidus Deluxe… Even if the itens would be more expensive than the pack (as to make the pack more atractive) I would not mind.
    Also, I hope that the ribbon IN FRONT OF LIMBO FACE can be removable.

    On a last and more serious note: I was very suprised that, after all the drama this week, NO COMMENT was made about Chat Moderators change and/or Rahetalius video.

  30. And where the hell is the steel event that use to come around every year? I need that electric floating ortis in my ship. If I get back on warframe, that is

  31. Hey its actualy my bday on march 8

  32. I am so going to color Whisp red and cosplay as the Journey Character

  33. Are we going to get the melee weapon rebalance with the part 1 of melee 3.0?

  34. 31:54 lmfao wtf

  35. Waiting for Wisp, Tetsu and the Nyx Deluxe

    Always show stats and ability icons. Clicking an ability plays the video in the main space (rather than this diorama). Problem solved

  37. Meh, targis prime armor set is better

  38. you are destroying the game by now


  40. looks like im fusing the repala syandana to wisps back once i get her, never taking that thing off

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