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Warframe: Efficient Toroid Farming & Where to find them

Warframe: Efficient Toroid Farming & Where to find them

Where to find the New Toroid Resource and how to farm the efficiently.

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Warframe is a cooperative free-to-play online action game set in an evolving sci-fi world.

46 комментариев

  1. Litle Dog in Fortuna

  2. How the Best Party to farm Toroid ? Thanks like video!

  3. Spent like an hour in temple of profit. Not a single toroid dropped.

  4. I hate this crap they hardly drop and you need them for standing but still need them for next title wtf

  5. what’s that inaros fashionframe

  6. Imma just say it here: The enemies are too damn unreasonably powerful!

    No matter how much health and armor I give my frames, no matter how much power damage I add to my frame, using my strongest weapons, you can't solo toroid farming. Sure, you can get 2 drops before you gotta go back to Fortuna, but that's usually after 2 or 3 deaths. I don't get it. Nekros and Hydroid are useless because they have no health compared to the damage the homing-shotgun-rockets-with-75%-knockdown do to you and too… many… nullifiers!!! Nidus's powers don't work well because of the nullifiers and some enemies aren't affected by the 2nd power, you have to use lifestrike the whole time when using Inaros to not die too quickly while his 1st power is the only thing that's useful.

    Fuck these Corpus! The POE Grineer are bitches in comparison. The ones with the scythes can literally stun-lock you to death after knocking you in the air. The nullifier aura dudes (Comba and shit) got the homing-shotgun-aoe-rockets-with-knockdown, and there's enemies that aren't affected by your powers at all. The Profit Taker missing are completely unreliable for farming toroids and should probably drop 8 in comparison to how many missions you gotta do. They aren't like the regular ones where you got multiple steps with a reward at each one. It's only one reward for the entire mission.

  7. Does this still work? I'm on PS4

  8. Is it just me or calda toroids are the rarest and hardest to get?

  9. I've been stuck on where to find these toroids for days!!! Thank you so much these video was so helpful!!!

  10. What about crista toroids?

  11. I took my Ivara with 84% power strength with my Smeeta kavat that had Tek Enhance slapped on and happened to get two instances where one enemy dropped 4 calda toroids. I managed to get two more after that before my wifi cut out. Yeah, I think that Smeeta's buffs apply.

  12. Thanks Potato!

  13. Thx a lot man! Been asking myself where to get those to craft garuda for 2 weeks, and now your video popped on youtube. Thx

  14. Anyone wanna help me farm garuda on the ps4 lol I got alot of stuff already but still need more

  15. Who's farming crisma now ? lol

  16. smeeta kavat does give double toroid reward

  17. No hey you beautiful fuckers why

  18. What enemies are dropping toroids?

  19. Thanks so much!! ❤️

  20. I spent 1 hour and got 2 toroid

  21. pain in the ass -.- not for me

  22. Thank u !!

  23. I got the toriods needed for crafting gaurda from searching caves.

  24. @Tactical potato what is your strun build you use in fortuna?

  25. Does nekros work to make it drop?

  26. Your FPS's are gorgeous!!! <3 and your voice too!!

  27. Going to try this solo

  28. Tried Temple of profit. Had the enemy radar up to 4 and none dropped any. Stayed until giant monster bug woke up had to split. No dice there friend. Other places worked fine. Just no sola.

  29. Great video as always very helpful. Went solo on my nezha and pulled a venom teeth and 2 toroids.

  30. I found getting a level 4 alert with Octavia… Using mallet and the invis work really good also helps farming the kubrow status mods.

  31. The temple of profit has not dropped a single toroid for me, I farmed it for a good long while with my nekros

  32. Short, sweet, and to the point.

    Thank you for being of of three YouTubers who understand.

  33. Wiki said calda was at transit depot, but I see the places are close on the map so maybe it's at both.

  34. That explains how I got calda toroids. Thanks!

  35. Tried doing so at temple of profit with Pilfering swarm hydroxide and a desecrate nekros at temple of profit, we didn't get shit, even at 4 stars, teammates gave up 1 by one and I went back with nothing

  36. We need more people like him

  37. they should have named it "Temple of Grofit" xD

  38. are these "stars" the thing beside the minimap?

  39. I tried to attack these giant spiders and so far they deal huge amounts od damage. I tried it in operator form (my operator got 1125 health and spider dealt like 625 damage just withing 2 seconds.

  40. huh…. and i keep finding them in caves on the ground….

  41. just fought temple of profit for 20minutes and not a single toroid….

  42. i wish this would work solo. but no enemies spawns so ye

  43. CLADA

  44. i got a calda toroid while i was doing the third bounty to get garudas neuroptics bp
    but thats the only one i have cuz i havent been actively farming them yet
    to get some of the mining stuff required to build her i still need to rank up with solaris so imma start farming the toroids when i get there lol

  45. No beautiful FEKKERS?

  46. 1:43 Claddagh Toroid? Corpus confirmed for Irish.

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