Warframe: Every Fortuna Amp — Prisms, Scaffolds & Bracers Galore!

Warframe: Every Fortuna Amp — Prisms, Scaffolds & Bracers Galore!

[ad_1] Today we take a look at EVERY Fortuna Amp as well as a little taste of what they can do in combat.

Cantic, Lega, Klamora Prisims
Exard, Dissic, Propa Scaffolds
Suo, Plaga, Certus Braces

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Background Music by: Ampyx
Song 1: Rise
Song 2: Holo
Song 3: Shoot for the Stars (w/ Ron Curtis)
Song 4: New Colors (w/ SANDR)
Song 5: LMAO
Song 6: Ex Dee

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26 комментариев

  1. I am sad that there's no Fortuna 69 in french servers … It's like nobody knows reddit or memes here in france.

  2. Tried to log into Fortuna 69 but it was gone this morning. I had a sad.

  3. Fortuna 69 i want more standing so i can make an ampp

  4. I am in love with the a e s t h e t i c s that are coming out of Fortuna 69! The operator suits and the Vent kids are super cool! I am a super fan of steampukish looks!

  5. Fortuna 69 , what about the eidolons? Are any of these better the the poe amps?
    Ign: Oby.xiao

  6. fortuna 69

  7. Interesting options. Any chance you would rank all of old and new options in a video? Fortuna 69 for life!

  8. What is the difference between the burst granade launcher prism from the ostrons and the burst granade launcher scaffold from solaris? (Appart from the scaffold uses way more energy)

  9. People enjoy their Fortuna 69 jokes to much.

  10. Winter is here but Fortuna 69 shall stand strong!

  11. I love the visuals of the new amps and I hope they don't change them. If only they made the super-flamethrower one last a little bit longer it would be perfect. Pray Fortuna 69 for that change. Love your content Rob <3

  12. FORTUNA 69 pls lol hey rob im still waiting to pay you so you can pls teach me fashion frame.

  13. Happy holidays!
    Fortuna 69

  14. I'm not sure how I feel about the new amp parts. Still going to make one.
    Fortuna 69

  15. When it is Christmas and you should be spending time with your family but Fortuna 69 tho

  16. I haven't even had time to look at the Orb Mothers yet and you're here with all the amps!
    Fortuna 69 ❤

  17. Fortuna 69. How would you change your eidolon meta with the new amp parts?

  18. Wonder how Fortuna 69 amp parts do against tridolons. Can't wait for new minmaxers

  19. That last scaffold looks really fun to use. If only it was easier to get standing for Vox Solaris.
    Also, I don't think there's a Fortuna 69 for Asia region right? :(( feel so left out

  20. Potato
    Fortuna 69

  21. Love your vids rob, even if you can be a drama queen sometimes but thats why we love you hehe. also, I use one of the color schemes you made for Chroma prime, absolutely love it. when will Mesa Prime DtK come? Fortuna69 <3

  22. Fortuna 69, oh god Rob my Eyes! lol love you Rob keep doing what your doing ! 😀

  23. Thank you for the amp review, was waiting on it! Happy holiday! Fortuna 69

  24. Fortuna 69
    Happy holidays Rob

  25. I am a fan of some serious Fortuna 69

  26. Tier 3 seems really fun but tier 2 seems more practical. Fortuna 69 forever :3

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