Warframe — Exergis [One Shot King?]

Warframe — Exergis [One Shot King?]

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YUUUP, the crystal thowing, one shot, one round «thing» that this is, is infact the second most total damage shotgun (believe it or not).

Was a suprize how well it did not work with just one round and very few pellets but at the same time amazed how well it did work for those same reasons!

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  1. Is this on ps4?

  2. Haha its funny how everybody in the comments find a way To say hes wrong, it gives me cancer

  3. How long have you played this game? You don't have a clue.

  4. Im mr26 should I use it?

  5. Based on the animation you should go for reload speed i say

  6. Yikes what a build. Never run more status types than you have to when trying to reach 100% status on a shotgun. With such a low pellet count corrosive isn't too great and to make matters worse blast is the highest value in this build meaning it'll proc a majority of the time. Rad+Viral gets it to 100% status, ammo stock for a 2nd round, with 2 rounds the reload doesn't become much of an issue but if it still feels long id take seeking fury as it helps with mob clear too. Vicious spread is 99% of the time a terrible mod and in this case much more so cause it starts to spread really badly in a random order over a few meters. When boosting damage on a weapon you want to boost a specific part of it like the desired element or slash(if its majority slash). A flat 90% damage to board pales in comparison to say a 90% damage boost to an element.

  7. Tigris Prime is still better: it has more pellets for more procs, less-diluted damage for more slash procs, higher fire rate, half the reloads, higher damage after crit is accounted for, and more ammo capacity.

  8. Somebody transmute 4 primed mods. Tell me what you get from it. Please.

  9. Reminds me of destiny's coldhart

  10. The single pellet shotgun is the Astilla. Basically a grenade launcher honestly

  11. A weapon can surpass Tigris Prime??


  12. Bruh that build…….Come on…..

  13. Astilla and Arca Plasmor both have pellet counts of 1. And Phantasma,convectrix,and phage are all beams so no pellets there either. A riven for this gun with mag capacity and reload speed could make it quite interesting I think.

  14. You need to learn the difference between the words "inert" and "innate" you said inert like 6 times.

  15. Corrosive and rad is a good combo, might be good for eidolons because of the base damage

  16. Umm pc getting mad shit

  17. What?

  18. Woah woah woah. Second highest? Wtf is the highest? It's not tigris prime, because Exergis has more base damage than that.

  19. Astilla, I think is that other shotty. It's one of Gara's signature weapons. It fires a glass slug that explodes on impact.

  20. That was a stupid idea, not many MR players even go to fortuna at that level, unless Clan mates give them a taxi, otherwise is absurd with those requirements, I can hear it in your voice, when are thy going to make stuff appropriate for each MR?

  21. this weapon feels like if arca plasmor had more boom and was more "shotgunny"

  22. Just do chilling reload thats what I use

  23. Or just forma the d off or take a negative or uhh cold damage for blast fun times or even viral, but magnetic and cold alone nah thats wack

  24. With the tigris you usually shoot both bullets at once, so it is the same

  25. Yes, I KNOW that the Tigris Prime is still BETTER than the Exergis, but how do you expect newer players to get the Tigris Prime other than trading in for plat when it has already been vaulted??? Consider that. I’m sure that it cost around 100-150p, but I’m not gonna spend money or spend hours trading in the chat to buy the Tigris Prime because that is just me.

  26. Am I the only one seeing arca plasmor 2.0?

  27. You could of replaced Vicious Spread with Vigilante Armaments.

  28. It’s the Opticorinth.

  29. OWF: "It is better at close- medium range"
    Tigris prime users laughing manically

  30. Shame DE gave us the ZF1 from 5th element with none of the awesomeness of the gun.

  31. Lol he said inert instead if innate.

  32. If the magazine is too low add reload speed to counter…magazine mods are based on % so u get like 1 more round. But reload mods can prolly cut your reload time in half. Think of it like a shotgun version of the vectis prime

  33. for what this thing cost to build I rather stay with the hek if you are using mastery rank as the only good thing about it, this thing plain suck, I hate it, A lot.

  34. Anybody having Login issues?

  35. It's a fucken flak cannon

  36. Ammo Stock will give you a second shot. It's not a bad option.

  37. Use ammo stock… It's the same amount of magazine capacity as burdened magazine… But no negative stat.. That along with chilling reload makes it 2 round with a 1.1second reload.

  38. Why no %100 status on your build?

  39. I see you confused the word "shotty" with "thoty", an yes it is a thot!!

    Tigris Prime: thot begone
    Exigris: nani!?!?

  40. I looks like the anorexic arcade plazmor

  41. Astilla has one slug

  42. Yos

  43. It looks like something in halo

  44. Weird its an weaker arca plasmor

  45. EARLY

  46. Holy damn this gun is gonna be fun

  47. If only i could rename it, i would call it the CumShot

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