Warframe: Fortuna 2.0 & The DEATH of Red Text!? — Devstream 120 [#confirmed]

Warframe: Fortuna 2.0 & The DEATH of Red Text!? — Devstream 120 [#confirmed]

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Background Music by: Ampyx
Song 1: Rise
Song 2: Holo
Song 3: Shoot for the Stars (w/ Ron Curtis)
Song 4: New Colors (w/ SANDR)
Song 5: LMAO
Song 6: Ex Dee

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22 комментария

  1. Thumbs this video up if you want a dedicated OPERATOR fashion frame vid once the new customizations come out. The more the merrier, and the more I know yall actually want something like that! 1k thumbs?

  2. Of course you would say we need more dicks rob. XD

  3. Wukong deluxe: Fuck yes. One thing that actually prevented me from playing Wukong was that wonky-ass looking skirt. I just couldnt get past it to play him past getting MR. With THIS skin….oh hell yes!!

    Limbo Deluxe: I dunno man, I kinda like it. Not sure about the ribbon hanging on the face but overall I think it looks pretty unique, as a Void Sorceror should!

    Moa Legs: Cool. Variety is the spice of life, afterall.

    Operator new gear: See Moa comment.

    Nyx rework/rework: Bad ass! I've always loved Nyx!!

    Dog humping cat: Just getting himself some pussy. All good.

    Titania rework: this going to make me break out Titania again. The ability reworks seem hella cool!

    Floofs: Tried hunting once. Couldn't get a critter to show up/cant figure it out enough to give a fuck. Sums up my outlook on it, no?

  4. I'm noone of importance i guess 🙁

  5. I don't think you need to worry about the Vacuum. Chances are they would give the basic 3 meter range Vacuum, and if you have a pet / sentinel with a Vacuum mod you'll get the bigger Vacuum. That seems to be the choice to please both the cleaners, and the neat freaks.

  6. Limbo deluxe is a snack❤❤

  7. Wukong deluxe❤❤

  8. Ooooohhhh he just shat all over DK lmao

  9. 2:12 RIP DK

  10. As a Limbo main, it makes me really sad that his Deluxe skin just looks like a manly version of Khora…

  11. Cant wait to lvl archwing crap in regular missions

  12. Did they fix the strange red writing and broken look of the loading screens? Or is that supposed to happen as part of some quest

  13. I still think the Limbo Deluxe looks like too sentient like. I feel like it should be a revemant deluxe instead

  14. Noone cares about not caring about the Stalker theme.

  15. They should make chaos enemies use the same weapons in your loadout so they kill each other faster or give them some sort of grouping mechanism so they are easier for us to gather together

  16. Limbo deluxe looks stupid SMH my dude helmet looks like khoras

  17. "no one of importance cares about the stalker theme" dk softly crying in the corner

  18. “Are you ready for Fortuna 2.0?” Bitch I’m ready for Fortuna in general I play that shit on Xbox. My shitty little Lenovo laptop can’t be running all that. XD

  19. Anyone notice the Limbo Deluxe is using Khora's head with a nose flap on it..

  20. Are we REALLY gonna ignore the dog and the cat in the background? Really? I demand to see them sometime, ok?!

  21. At the moment, Ive been playing far more Destiny 2 than I have Warframe. Though the Mesa Prime will be pulling me back in.

  22. SAVE RED TEXT Red text is a Part of our Community !

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