Warframe — FORTUNA — Animal Preservation Guide

Warframe — FORTUNA — Animal Preservation Guide

[ad_1] Fortuna introduces a vast, frigid Venus wasteland populated with specialized Corpus units, an alien ecosystem and subterranean mysteries. In Fortuna, you will meet the body-augmented Solaris who live in debt-slavery to their profiteering Corpus overlords.

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  1. i believe they can also detect you and get spooked if they can smell you. so if you're hunting for perfect captures, i think you have to try to stand down wind. (look at the direction the grass is blowing maybe?)

    i'm not 100% sure though.

  2. you can also use ivaras sleep arrow to put them to sleep instead of the tranq rifle

  3. with ivaras sleep arrows or equinoxs rest you can put the animals to sleep and they wont get spooked 😀

  4. I just found out that you can’t do the “Kill x wild animals with fishing spear” with these animals. You have to stick with POE for this kind of riven

  5. Puts away soma oh ok.

  6. So…. if i have a riven that says
    "Kill x animals with the spear"
    Can i do it with these animals?
    Instead of caputre them can i kill them?

    I know im a bed person but i dont know how to unlock this kind of rivens.

  7. -Hope that tracks wont dissappear into the ground

  8. Oh my god thank you, I didn't know I can search for individual anims

  9. Thx DE for the new true endgame, FLOOFS.

    Also, you can Molecular Prime the animals with Nova, so they try to run away in slowmo. Makes getting all 3 Pobbers very easy, if you don't feel like playing Loki.

  10. Hmm no wounder i cant find any animals. The ui locations doesn't show. And its very buggy for me, sometimes i cant equip the tools.

  11. Thanks a lot for this. I was so lost as to what to do once the meter appeared.

  12. Leveled up with SU to doer and got the Bolarola lure, have to say they are very inconsistent when tranqing them any tips?

  13. Sometimes the captures are "perfect" or "good" and it seems to affect the standing? I think? Any idea how that affects the score and how to get a perfect?

  14. One thing to note if you aren't using an invisibility frame is that the animal will pretty much always walk right up to the call point and stop, meaning that you really shouldn't just stand on it after you call. Find a spot somewhere away from it, and stalk them like a true hunter.

  15. You can also use Revenant to enthrall animals so they dont run away, just dont let them see you before you cast it

  16. Also don't use volt because you'll kill it

  17. Could you please explain the "Oxylus"-Sentinel, like what exactly it does — the description alone doesn't give me enough information.
    I have read the description multiple times and im still not sure, why i would/should use it.

  18. 1. Find scat
    2. Follow trail
    3. Call animal
    4. Tranq animal
    5. Animal is killed by corpus you didn’t see
    6. Get yelled at by Biz
    7. Cry

  19. Could you do a video on the Moa companions? I've been trying to find out how to get one (Do i need to buy parts with standing, do the parts need to be built, etc) before Fortuna is out on PS4 so can have one as fast as I can.

  20. It's pretty easy to get a double cap for the pobbers. Also I find Loki is better cause you don't need to worry about energy drain

  21. take a shot for every time MC says poop

  22. Poke the poop.

  23. U can capture multiple animals in one pile if you're fast enough with the rifle

  24. I have all 6 of the first Floofs and I'm happy ^__^

  25. When you are out hunting…

    Me: Okay found the poop, found the trial… Okay now I found the- gets shot by random Corpus
    Me: Okay kills Corpus, does echo call. Suddenly more Corpus.
    Me: OKAY kills Corpus.
    Biz: Ah a shame Tenno, you scared it away.

  26. Its cute

  27. clean, concise, timely. thats a good guide right there.

  28. You gonna extract him?

  29. You forgot that using volt in a hunt kills the animal because of his passive that adds damage to the tranquilizer… On a side note i killed one of the rats by rolling into it " splat" bucket head was really pissed XD…..

  30. It could be good to have a place in the ship like a big natural room to put those animals

  31. incoming Ivara nerf

  32. right as i came to yt to search for a guide this poped on my sub feed <3 thx a lot

  33. Oh yeahhh. This is a thing as well

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