Warframe: Fortuna Begins, Solaris United & The Biz

Warframe: Fortuna Begins, Solaris United & The Biz

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So the Fortuna Hype has begun from DE as they rolled out a Solaris United Discord to share Intel & Possible Rewards from some kind of Cache?

Solaris Discord: Already expired ill try share the next one on community tab soon.

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  1. So this is just some fun & the beginning on Fortuna info. Like all major updates expect more info and 'hype' to show up over the next few weeks before the early November release date.
    Thanks for watching Feckers.

  2. Will there be another link?

  3. Wait… This sounds like… Maybe… Trials are back?

  4. Thia is ridiculous and by far the most infuriating thing DE does. I enjoy Warframe, but locking lore behind time limited events and keeping assets from these events within the game files that requires space to store is unacceptable.

    Pushing lore outside of the game and not putting it in a readily available spot, like the codex, is asinine. I can't understand why they choose to lock lore behind a time limit. Unless you hunt for videos you'll never hear what the baddy says.

    And the Operations! God, what a freak show that is! Some of these operations are more than a few years old and they were only here once! Meanwhile, we get Plague Star not once, not twice but three times!

    Why is it so crucial to not reintroduce these operations? The rewards aren't too great, but there are some cosmetics here and there that some people rarely ever see because some players that play that long get bored and leave!

    Is there someway to tell DE that we would like to see other Operations come back? Re-spec them to give out points to spend or something or hand out operation scores for Clans that never got to do them!

  5. https://discord.gg/SwmDF
    12-hour invitation

  6. all can say fortuna needs hurry to get here cant wait really cant wait

  7. We all lift…

  8. No, you pronounced it correct the first time. Cache may be French, but it doesn't get the "ay" from the E. As a general rule, an E at the end of a word is silent unless it's got an accent on it. It's "cash" not "cash-ay" because it's cache and not caché.

  9. U can see some Solaris members in strata relay

  10. Iam kinda new to this game any tips

  11. I just so happen to not check up on warframe with in one specific hour of time and boom, haha you don't get special rewards. Nice one DE… Nice one.

  12. Repo Men 2 looks pretty good.


  14. Hey Ptato what about a update on your fashion frame video ?

  15. Wicked


  17. I’m still waiting for chimera

  18. What I is that melee?

  19. awwww

  20. So… Solaris call the corpus "taxmen"… Well, if it is anyo we are talking about — "the venus inquisition" sound more fitting

  21. Again, DE is going above and beyond with the music. Looking forward to what's in store for us in the near future!

  22. Damn really wanted to join the discord

  23. ..I thought there will be praise the sun emote

  24. 2:25 new mele weapon? 😛

  25. Discord thought it was bad when Markiplier made a discord…. I can only imagine what would've happened if they left the link open

  26. Really DE, you're going to release this the same weekend as RDR2?


  27. Why is this on Discord. Can it not be ingame.

  28. Updated link: https://discord.gg/wkxbB

  29. I'm hyped up for Fortuna and I can't wait to play it on console.

  30. CASHAY

  31. 300k subscribers soon

  32. New link (Gonna expire in about 47 mins from now)

  33. TLDW Fortuna is Repo: The Genetic Opera but Warframed.

  34. wow that link vanished fast

  35. Work…I not sure how long — https://discord.gg/vXVtW

  36. Wait what if u turn on that radio thing in ur ship that everyone forgot about?!?!?


  38. Lifting intensifies

  39. Do you even lift together?

  40. Honestly, if they are in debt with Nef, I am sure that like me most players are sitting on 100m+ that they are not using. Nef will actually be sick of credits once we are done with him lol #diplomacy #cantBeBotheredToDealWithFlyingNullifiers #gettingTooOldForThisShit

  41. are they realy pulling this shit now

  42. Can we be friends if I change my name to Tactical Burrito? Love all your vids too!

  43. Never thought I'd be a workers' union jackboot, but here we are

  44. I really don't like the idea of semi-important details about the storyline being outside the game content. It could have easily been sent as in game mail so everyone would see it.

  45. How do I get the glyph

  46. Warframe pre PoE: Hey guys DE here to say our new content expansion will be coming soon.

    Players: oh cool, we probably have a few weeks or even a couple of months to gear up.

    DE: releases PoE 3 days after the announcement

    DE: See? I pulled a sneaky on ya'.

  47. I fucking love the voice of The Business.

    And your too, Potato. Both of you have an amazing voice and accent :L

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