Warframe — Fortuna Fishing Guide

Warframe — Fortuna Fishing Guide

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Fortuna introduces a vast, frigid Venus wasteland populated with specialized Corpus units, an alien ecosystem and subterranean mysteries. In Fortuna, you will meet the body-augmented Solaris who live in debt-slavery to their profiteering Corpus overlords.

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  1. why does no one make mention how terrible the time ratios for the weather is, wait around for 25 minutes for a warm weather and the baits dont work, so you have to wait around again.. the weather in vallis could be more important than in poe, if freezing lowered the ceiling for archwing or blizzards knocked you out of archwing, different weathers could spawn a new type of enemy thats better suited to it. but nope, its just wait wait wait wait miss the chance, and wait some more, god damn its annoying.

  2. The rarest Fish in Fortuna —
    Other : 10 bait 0.5 synathids (saw them but fucked up )

    Me : one bait 12 synathig 3 best rang
    (I'm not jokeing i'm real now I got 12 oft them with one bait )

    Sadly I never get the orokin kind craps . . .Charlotte IR sth. like that

  3. The small water area with the pipes directly behind Fortuna is a lake, not a pond. I've found that it's actually a really good spot to fish.

  4. The map was so helpfull

  5. Well this is very useful, thank you!

  6. There's a cave in the far southeast of Fortuna, south of the mushroom grove between the Spaceport and the gigantic fallen orbital defense tower, that has fishing hot spots pretty frequently. However, it's rather far from any other hot spot caves, so on the off chance that there isn't a hot spot in there, it's a long drive/flight to the nearest other one.

  7. I don't think it affects anything, but it I got it with the Stunna spear

  8. I got a Synathid without bait, so yes, it is possible.

  9. Map isn't quite accurate the area directly next to Fortuna is considered a lake and honestly i have not seen a single lake fish anywhere else

  10. There's a pretty solid spot for farming Tromyzons and recasters in the Pond near the transit depot, just look for a semi-sunken ship and fish while standing on it (has pretty good fish spawn rate even without a hot spot)

  11. I got a synathid before the stupid charamote i was looking for lol

  12. Don't know if it's on purpose, but some river fishbots DODGE your fishing spear.

  13. ty for you help so its not night in the villay only cold and hot XD wow

  14. my hero<3

  15. you forgot to mention how much rep you can get from each type of fish when trading them

  16. Correction: Eye Eye spawns during warm.

  17. Oh wow. Primed fishes

  18. they are not really fish, just a machine use for collecting water activities XD

  19. Always good to see your video even if I already know some of tips I like the way you speak and babay in the end love you

  20. You’re missing the best cave!!
    At basically the very bottom right of the map there’s a cave with a huge amount of water in it. Hotspots were pretty constant too, i even had two going at once for a while.

  21. I do think they need to make the Warm/Cold timer show in caves as well though

  22. the lake to the right of fortuna is also a coolant lake, please fix it so people dont try to fish for pond/river fish there

  23. I follow your guid, and I got synathid without any lure

  24. Thankyou

  25. Everyone talks about cave hotspots but no one showed how they look like at all, thank you so much for this video.

  26. Nice work! I'd add that you can use luminous dye in Vallis to help you spot those, er, fish.

  27. Fishing in the rivers is kinda hard, they tend to move as soon as you throw

  28. 00:00 Introduction and Fortuna vs PoE
    01:00 Locations
    01:24 Map
    02:28 Different fish
    03:00 Hotspots
    04:33 Materials

  29. I already caught 4 Synathids 😐 (2 actually and due to boosters got 4 )
    Recommend to listen to Biz when you show him Synathid

  30. Thanks for the excellent guide and the map.

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