Warframe Fortuna: Garuda First Impressions

Warframe Fortuna: Garuda First Impressions

[ad_1] My First impressions on the Warframe Garuda that came with Warframe’s Fortuna Update

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  2. Show us an Umbral Garuda build

  3. Her 's 4th ability totally useless ,I thought the Dev will make unique Ultimate for each frame and useful

  4. Want to kill those level 155 enemies with 2 abilities use your 1st absorb some damage use your 4th then launch your first oh and make sure you have 100% chance for 4th ability and pretty much a guaranteed kill

  5. How do you access that simulation area

  6. Hm… Low level cheese build?

  7. Too many damage frames and not enough support frames.

  8. I need some closure on who's Garuda's designed off of

  9. I'm getting 2 stories… Garudas ass… garudas op… garudas 1 is her 4 and her 4 is her 1… bruh…

  10. Hunter adrenaline? Nani tf, efficiency and swap vitality for umbral fibre

  11. Queue the song "Eaten" by Bloodbath and play Garuda. It's a priceless experience!

  12. I think they should increase her base health from 100 to 125.

  13. Looks meh

  14. The design look like iconian from the star trek

  15. Can you make another how to farm video please, if you can I hope it's for hydroid :D.

  16. @iflynn I was the 666 like lol.

  17. She looks more fun than I thought she would in here, great stuff man

  18. I like her Also her 1 and 2 are buggy

  19. 3 Nerfs in about 2 weeks , what do you think ? a very good design , but this is DE …

  20. what if you go into a secondary only or primary only sortie

  21. TBH, all i really want is the animations to be sped up, more damage on the 1 because i find the execution kind of iffy and something done with the healing circle. For some reason when i play i feel like i should be super mobile but the healing circle makes me stand still to heal up, and i know you can have more than one but then when the duration runs out you could be left with a bunch of enemies behind you shooting you in the ass. I dunno, just my thoughts, think the 1/2 feel a little bit clunky and i'm a tad disappointed that the claws feel a little like they're just taped on for aesthetics.

  22. right?

  23. She might have decent synergy with equinox, but otherwise she seems pretty weak. Needs a buff

  24. sorry for being you know, not relevant to the video but the fact that edo prime is coming made me nut

  25. I enjoy watching you on Twitch…..also thanks for the info on all the frames in the game as we get them!!!!

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