Warframe — FORTUNA — How To Start Strong & Orb Vallis Map (WIP)

Warframe — FORTUNA — How To Start Strong & Orb Vallis Map (WIP)


Fortuna introduces a vast, frigid Venus wasteland populated with specialized Corpus units, an alien ecosystem and subterranean mysteries. In Fortuna, you will meet the body-augmented Solaris who live in debt-slavery to their profiteering Corpus overlords.

You can learn more about the Fortuna update Here :

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  1. “So much stuff you can do that you end up doing nothing”. 4real

  2. dismantle or provide the fish?

  3. I am first going to build a small moa with a top hat and call him stomp stomp.

  4. Thanks MC great video! Have you heard if DE is planning to update the old tile sets with the modern textures and lighting? Fortuna makes the old stuff especially PoE look so stale. Didn't you say they were going to re work Jupiter this year? I hope so..

  5. Just a big thanks for the map mate <3

  6. Ok. Nezia with max slide and run speed so you can get around using your "invisible K-drive".

  7. Wish I checked this vid, before my stupid sleepy I decided to sell Training Debt Tokens for standing >.<

  8. even i still get lags in fortuna and orb vallis with 2xgtx1070(sli turned off though cuz' warframe does not like it at all) i7700k 4.20Ghz &16GB ddr4 RAM. soooooooo …

  9. ty i had no idea about ticker i mean i heard of him form your preview vid but i could not find him i was grinding the low level bounty's like idiot mr 25 here ppl i feel so stupid

  10. This update took me 2 days to update..

  11. I love these short vids, they're so condensed and effective. I wonder who'll be the first to take down a spiderlon….

  12. Ty for telling us where to get training bonds now if you can plz tell us how to bring out and fight giant spiders cuz I have seen em on top of some buildings but theey were in invulnerability phase

  13. I thought Gortuna was going to be like PoE but no, this update is colossal. There's so much to take in that I may be able to jump in and out and enjoy little bite-sized pieces which is the absolute polar opposite of how I've handled Warframe so far, I'm really excited for that.

    Props to DE, I know I said they out-did themselves when PoE dropped but this is so much above and beyond it's ridiculous. They out-out-did themselves? In-did themselves? They did themselves, heh.

  14. where can i fint that ticker guy?

  15. So when is it going on console ???

  16. G E T F L O O F

  17. It has such low fps that i actually manage to miss an Arca Plasmor shot.

  18. Why can't we leave the open world areas alone at this point? What the actual FUCK.

  19. I haven't been able to access the standings menu. It kicks me out of the screen every time I tried. Must be a temporary glitch or something. M sitting on a maxed neutral title for now

  20. Your opticor must be dead after the riven nerfs

  21. Mc:do bounties boys 😀
    Me:(stuck in the "loot 1000 credit"mission)
    (Screaming inside)

  22. At the orokin excavation, there’s a lake with a huge creature in the water. Is it the spider?

  23. I love the syandana on Khora but I wish it'd stay open on Titania's 4

  24. gets hype about fortuna.Realizes its just POE with a corpus paintjob. Goes back to daily login.

  25. You can Zoom using the plasma cutter btw

  26. For those wanting to get Garuda without spending plat you need at least rank 4 in Solaris, she requires a specific refineded gems at 3 and 4.

  27. Important thing guys: if you don't get Garuda main bp after the quest, just restart the game.

  28. My fps on PoE was okay. When fortuna hit. Everything went to shit

  29. I feel so dumb because I tried to farm the debts almost all day. I didn't know they can be bought. FeelsBadMan, gonna buy them instead.

  30. Have a goal in mind, eh?


  31. Do someone know if the sunpoint plasma drill is different/better than the advanced nozam mining tool?

  32. Anyone else feel like Fortuna is less pub friendly? My impression so far was that the 'pick up bounties on the go' bit and the threat level is something I'd do with people I communicate with throughout

    Also, I hate the fucking lures. The tracks give me intense eye strain

  33. My laptop is shut can't play with 0.001 frame rate solo I'm f*cked

  34. I would also go through and check the ones that have the most Toroids (Quack standing) The middle-far-left cave on the roadside has an activatable console that drags a vehicle out of the way to reveal a small chamber that often has Toroids.

  35. K drive….only thing I focus on

  36. can you make a guide video on fishing and preserving pls?

  37. Gotta love it when Fortuna makes your laptop overheat

  38. good thing u get hover board free after doing quest

  39. So are the vent kid races not giving any standing for anyone else? That's kind of an issue.

  40. Is it just me or does Fortuna feel more empty than Plains of Eidolon?

    (also 70% of the Fortuna feels like Skate 3)

  41. Once you max out your daily standing there's not really much to do except mine and fish. I don't want to buy anything besides the mining tool and fishing spear because that takes away from your standing and makes it longer to max out. And to build garuda you need your standing maxed

  42. Also worth to check out caves cuz rng blesses them with some toroid sometimes, which you will need for Vox Solaris standing and Garuda i think.

  43. Do you have any tips for the GIANT Spider Tanks that take shifts for Warm and Cold daytime? Couldn't dmg them with neither the frame, weapons nor the operator.

  44. Nobody can just enjoy it.

  45. I lost 1 hour of grind because my sister shuts down the router

  46. i am not interested in skateboard, not moa pet, not building own weapon, well… what can i do then

  47. Does anyone else have a framerate problem in fortuna?

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