Warframe — Fortuna Preview

Warframe — Fortuna Preview

[ad_1] After a cancelled TennoCon flight and bad travel luck, DE sponsored this video to help you wrap your head around all things Fortuna.

Fortuna introduces a vast, frigid Venus wasteland populated with specialized Corpus units, an alien ecosystem and subterranean mysteries. In Fortuna, you will meet the body-augmented Solaris who live in debt-slavery to their profiteering Corpus overlords.

You can learn more about the Fortuna update Here :

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  1. Hello

  2. Why the hell is galactus in warframe

  3. Bruh i did not even knew about this update until now

  4. I've been gone for a year.. holy shit this game has become complex 😀

  5. Hey MC i wanted to give you an attica riven for a dumb fun video, please reply if you want a riven. Like so MC can see.

  6. ty ses čech?

  7. No early lunch for konzu? 🙁

  8. Ty si čech ?

  9. good job warframe.. now i might getting back to this game

  10. Poe 2.0

  11. I will ask a dumb ques : can I link my pc account to ps4 ?

  12. I think they should add in some more animals in Fortuna and Plains tbh seems fun to fight against like a giant bear

  13. Stunts for the K-Drive:
    ctrl/crouch — grinds/spins
    left click/channel/shoot — grabs
    right click/aim — flips
    space(hold) — jump (charged jump)
    space(in air) — spin
    shift — boost

    You can combine grabs and grinds or grabs and flips and combo a ton of them together 🙂
    flailed around with my controls to figure them out
    8/8 best Tony Hawk game I've played

  14. @3:37

    'have to go through this vent to get to her'

    doesn't show which vent.

    (its on the 2nd level, not far from tinker, there's a box below it)

  15. and…… there goes no nut november

  16. you delete my comment. respect

  17. How hearing-heavy is the animal call system? How much do you have to imitate the call? I'm tone deaf like a plank, so I'm really worried I won't be able to do these at all without a visual indicator.

  18. I got SSX franchises flashbacks at 6:14

  19. The Tenno NPC has something related with the Spiders
    Means another Oper vs eidolon situation


  20. Oh god, more fishing and mining? That was a huge reason why i never play the plains anymore.

  21. what is this warframe at 5:22 ? its looks like Valkyr but it isn't

  22. yay 3 day build time for k drive incoming

  23. Giant spoilers spider are now call spooider.

  24. Hopefully this is playable in the beginning and throughout unlike the plains of eidolag.

  25. DAMN, you get to play fortuna ahead AND get payed?! NICE!

  26. How to get her or where to get there

  27. Please tell me that scythe is her melee I need platinum now

  28. little duck looks like a female version of kylo ren

  29. my god your rolling of the r's is so *satisfying to listen to

    Edit:wanted to change to a more appropriate word*

  30. You are soooo lucky to even get to try Fortuna! Not me though… WHY DE WHY STOP DElaying STUFF I MEAN IT

  31. Damn can't wait for console

  32. who wants to bet that they want to put an open world on every planet

  33. When's the update gonna drop?

  34. my mag is ready!

  35. so when does the update come in PC???
    like when?
    tomorrow or maybe Saturday?? Next week??

  36. I'm excited… Shame I'm on PS4. RIP

  37. Pointless grind again de fail

  38. warframe : pro skater …..god I want to use it on every map

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