Warframe: Fortuna, Railjack, Code Name Garuda [TennoCon2018]

Warframe: Fortuna, Railjack, Code Name Garuda [TennoCon2018]

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Background Music by: Ampyx
Song 1: Rise
Song 2: Holo
Song 3: Shoot for the Stars (w/ Ron Curtis)
Song 4: New Colors (w/ SANDR)
Song 5: LMAO
Song 6: Ex Dee

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25 комментариев

  1. Nidus looks like an unkillable nightmare. Especially the nightmare part

  2. I love moths, absolutely adore them. They have that look of elegance about them

  3. I love tuna. In fact, I’d just about do anything for tuna.

    Get it?

    For tuna? Hahaha

    I hate myself right now.

  4. I assume the New War will be the end of the Hunhow arc and the start of the Tau system arc.

  5. Cetus: Why the fuck not?

  6. 2018 Warframe: Fortuna —> Public tests with new mechanic " space battles"

    2020 New Patch "Warframe: Space of Thieves"

  7. I had a heart attack also u know rob has had a rough day when he doesnt recognize that nezha has a firm new ass

  8. I would imagine that for Railjack we might get bigger squads because the ship has turrets up front controlled by the pilot, then you have turrets on each side, turrets on the bottom and a rear turret, then you have the main gun and then you have the control panel/main computer.

    So either 4 people will need to micromanage well or we might be able to have more then 4 in there.

  9. Nidus deluxe gave me life

  10. Ooh rob looking like a snack

  11. R.I.P are old Lotus

  12. Are you gay?

  13. Rob nothing wrong with it just wondering is that a Bible verse you have listed there?

  14. Warframe youtubers are underrated. Gays are underrated. Guys step up your game jeez, these are the two things that brighten my day the most

  15. rob u are literally the only warframe youtuber that ive watched that pronounces Titania correctly

  16. Is it just me but it seem like all the warfame YouTubers are in the seem hotel

  17. Does he have a glyph and if so how do I get a code for xbox

  18. I just want the nidus skin.

  19. Railjack reminds me of Treasure Planet. Shame that movie flopped it was outstanding </3

  20. Laser focused revenant watch revenant shoot out a Moira beam in overwatch

  21. I think Titania and Nyx need some touch ups

  22. I can understand some of them having augmented head but it seems strange that all of the adults have it

  23. Nidus wakanda forever skin

  24. They did do Limbo, but before him was Mirage. So they seem to be doing quest frame primes now

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