Warframe: FORTUNA release date, Garuda Abilities, Atlas Deluxe, Nyx Changes & Moa Pets (Dev 118)

Warframe: FORTUNA release date, Garuda Abilities, Atlas Deluxe, Nyx Changes & Moa Pets (Dev 118)

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We got our first look at the new Gore Frame, Good bit of ‘Synergy’ with her abilities but is her Ultimate another bland press 4 mechanic?

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43 комментария

  1. 360p for the true potato experience… It's late, someone tell me a bed time story…
    Tnx for watching feckers!

  2. Anyone else think operators should have a melee weapon or something with a lil more power besides amps

  3. We kinda need an update to the conclave

  4. I need Gara… Khora… Revant… and now Garuda? WARFRAME WAIT FOR ME BABEH!!!

  5. my new main

  6. Wednesday, not yet. Then again PS4 may get the update later.

  7. Absolutely hilarious

  8. Bru This New Fram Trash !! TF They Think This Game Is Now?
    Really Poor Design

  9. When's the fortuna update coming tho?

  10. it's november 5…

  11. That atlas is big like real big

  12. I need this warframe

  13. "the forst week of november" 1:07

  14. Loki feel updated now

  15. Next warframe should be ghost rider

  16. Update Log.
    November 1st: No update yet
    November 2nd:
    November 3rd:
    Novermber 4th:
    Novermber 5th:
    November 6th:
    November 7th:

  17. the only thing i dont like from the atlas delux is the "wheel" in the back of the leg, we already got that in more frames than i would like, and in my opinion it shouldnt be there.

  18. If we get a garuda prime she will be my main frame she looks badass


  20. "Forst", 1:02 would that be the first or the fourth week on November? I do hear by myself "first", but some friends of me say that they hear "fourth".

  21. Solaris United? Looks more like it's taken, from dead space…

    Wait…That suddenly got dirty, out of context…

  23. So max shields and armor with a vaykor hek to get that full damage boost and blow every boss back to hell

  24. Ok, so not to sound ungrateful but does anyone else find it kind of weird that we still haven't gotten a Chroma rework, even with the release of his Prime?

  25. why is garuda THICCC

  26. Garuda looks cool, but her abilities seem meh

  27. These deluxe skins are becoming thiccer than ever

  28. I'm looking forward to the butt :3


  30. Add big scythe weapons as well as big guns.

  31. I'm hyped for the Thicc-Las

  32. I can’t wait

  33. Yes good synergy is when the 3rd ability can kys

  34. Jesus loves you

  35. I would say her ult isn't the most interesting. Maybe she could drop into a pool of blood shooting up bone spikes or something to synergize with the other ability of hers of the same type, healing allies, reducing energy costs for the orb thing and giving it power. That would be cool.

  36. Hopefully atlas gets a rework too like nezha did with his deluxe skin


  38. Garudas 2 is Nidus' 3 (Parasitic Link)…

  39. Btw this is dr.disrespects song you cuck be original

  40. anyone got a timestamp for the fortuna release date

  41. "Ah sweet blood.. It sings to me…. It's enough to make a man sick"

  42. This is what I wanted from revenant… This is the true vampire frame. Too bad it looks like a chick. I like the way the dude frames look.

  43. Why would you fish on venus?
    (Sorry i know this joke is old af but i cant help)

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