Warframe: Fortuna Release Prep Guide [thedailygrind]

Warframe: Fortuna Release Prep Guide [thedailygrind]

[ad_1] Where there’s smoke there’s fire, and Warframe dropping their Fortuna ARG is a big hint that something is on its way! With November being DE’s target release window for their next big release, its time to get prepped!


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  1. Pandero is op with 0 forma, it can 1-2 hit up to level 80 enemies (with the build I put on it of course)

  2. What is an "ARG" ?

  3. dont have to run arbitrations for endo… got thousands of endo in my ayatans

  4. MR 22 and i've only done two, yes only two Tridolon runs..

  5. Yea.. It would be great to play arbi alerts, but No.. Have to wait it maybe some day be on consoles. Feelsbad..

  6. You'll get it in November us console players have an extra month after you guys so were always going to be far behind

  7. Rip console


  9. Everyone is like.. no clue when fortuna dropps… are u all deaf.. on last devstream rebb said before next devstream if all goes right… 1st november is their goal

  10. content drought try playing on console

  11. what does ARG mean?

  12. Remember, Outworlders, we all lift together.

  13. Let's be honest with ourselves rob you can never have enough endo

  14. When is Arbitration coming to console?

  15. LOL. I'm at the point where the only weapons left to level for MR require forma to build.

  16. 03:35. Not the dreaded "Host Migration" I'm not as much worried about the Content cause I still got a few weapons and frames I'm putting Forma on. As I am with the Host Migration, I think we all can agree that's a situation that needs to be addressed.

  17. Be me and get a 50% discount


  19. Warframe's dropping on switch November 20th, Fortuna is dropping in November, maybe they'll launch at the same time

  20. Stock up on resources.i

  21. Same goes with credit. If you're running low for some reason stock up on credit expensive mods require alot of endo and credit. Close to 2 mill credit.

  22. Damn, G, you looking good

  23. Ok, let me check my situation!

    Forma stash [✓]

    Sentinel weapons fully formad[✓]

    Blue/Golden potato's stash [✓]

    MasteryRank 25 [✓]

    MOD Arbitration [In Progress]

    Plat [✓]

    ArchWing stuff…. [F* You!]


    Riven collection for Sentinel Weapons [✓]

    Time for gaming [NO! T.T]

  24. I think what DE should do with garuda's animation sets is make it seem like valkyr's animation sets, but more dramatic and bloody.
    For its noble animation, standing up, Add a shaky shreeking effect that emits a void energy mixed with red mist, with claws curled like it's forcing out that shreek.
    And then the agile animation can have the claws open and ready to kill, more screeching in a forward direction, and looks highly aggressive.

    In other words, it has to look
    Like it's intension says "pain without end"
    With a lot of void devilry.

  25. Wait, kitguns are only secondary? That's such a shame, considering the staticor got a MASSIVE buff. I'm certain to still make one, but I might use it too much

  26. Invite link pls?

  27. And to this day the most bought item from the market for me is the forma bundle.

  28. I hope for Mara Detron Kitgun! 5-7 Forma each fav secondary…

  29. If you stacking formas, do you put it on top of the others, or do u place each like a finished jigsaw puzzle..

  30. There is never enough Endo Rob I've been playing for 2 years and still need to rank up so many mods.

  31. Well, there goes my free time with both fortuna and Red Dead Redemption 2 coming out

  32. Im on console but im already stocking up, i have like 40 forma in storage, and working catalyst, i have like 12 now, i dont really care about kitguns but the k-drive might need forma or the moa will get alot of love like my kavat. Garuda will def be used alot by me!

  33. Jesus I am gonna have to forma my forma

  34. Also Buy my goodly Rivens GayTier/Guccy Tier i have many @ riven market or warframe trad forum


  36. most people don't use them but they should while your farming you should make ammo, health and energy restores they are life savers for sure. I would also say specters too but not everyone likes them for some odd reason they are in most cases helpful i normally run with a trinity one.

  37. Ok so they added Vacuum to Kubros and Kavats but what about the new MOA Pets? The mod was listed for Beast and the MOA isnt exactly a beast sooo… No vacuum for MOA?

  38. If i remember correctly they showed of a revolver and a shotgun (at least that was the description) and on another picture they showed of a melee weapon, a pistol and a rifle. Hopefully those drop as well with fortuna (specially the revolver).

  39. @AGayGuyPlays
    >Ayatan sculptures are completely empty upon recieving
    >Rob says Aribtrations offer too much endo
    Me: Excuse me what?

  40. I don't know wat arg means…

  41. Working on my Archwings? Bissh! My Archwing has Been READY 😀 Love my Amesha/Gattler

  42. you know what would be dope ? KitFrames.. where you can pick parts that have stats and a skill ie. loki head=decoy + valkyr arms= warcry + gara legs = Spectrorage + Chroma chest = effigy

    that would be sweet… could be a use for all the extra parts i got laying around

  43. "Fortuna will be releasing in November" so November 30th?

  44. I still need to continue the story past the War Within. I got distracted getting new frames, leveling them, etc. I still need to figure out how to forma my frames but I don't have any prime mods soooo it can wait. Just too much to do. Especially when I just started the game two months ago. Rank 10 ATM.

  45. If anything, the only thing I need to farm is cryotic. I’ve got plenty of Nitain, but I bet a good chunk of the new stuff it going to require cryotic

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