WARFRAME: Fortuna Reveal & Gameplay Demo (w/Audience’s Reaction) | TennoCon 2018

WARFRAME: Fortuna Reveal & Gameplay Demo (w/Audience’s Reaction) | TennoCon 2018

Witness the future of Warframe! Watch the live stage demo of the Fortuna update (With the audience’s reaction) where you’ll visit the open Landscape of Venus, coming later in 2018.

WARFRAME Available On: (PC, XBOX ONE, PS4, Nintendo Switch)

(WARFRAME is also available on STEAM)

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  1. You will need me…

    Oberon Prime..

  2. I thought Fortuna was a warframe but it's a new expansion. Overall not disappointed but Very Hyped

  3. Anyone watched this more than once?

  4. Hypppee

  5. And now everybody is talking about a content drought… XD

  6. I need to get back in. Haven't played for 2 years. Problem is I'm scared of the grind…

  7. So close to Fortuna!!!

  8. Also I think the next open area will be that place on Eris that konzu talked about during the infested boil event.

  9. Can’t believe a game like warframe is on all the consoles (Switch on November 20th) and we get this type of free updates/content and best of all it’s free.. And man destiny is full price game have 10% of content of warframe and overall waste of your time/money and I’ve gone through half the story without spending a dollar besides few to unlock colors and weaponslots but other then that it’s a great game

  10. Except for few people who takes the survival level 20/35 game too seriously and get rude a bit. Its really rare to come across salty players. The community is one of the best community I have come across in any games I have played so far. I had players giving me free mods to free prime vaulted warframe. It really is the community that is keeping me play this game and after knowing its history and overall, I just grow to love warframe more and more.

  11. Respect to you 🙂

  12. The Business sounds like Kurzgesagt talking into a fan.
    It's not an insult, they both have intelligent voices.

    …change my mind.

  13. EA needs to take some notes

  14. when they show hover board every one is gone insane

  15. Is it free?

  16. This game just keeps getting better, holy shit this is amazing

  17. Again they stole alot of ideas from other games and movies. They never have their own ideas


  19. My Mesa would shit all over those spiders.

  20. I don't know why but I felt like crying when seeing this. It's rare to see games that are so high in quality nowadays. And guess what it's free and the microtransactions are totally optional as you can just choose to slowly grind your way to those items you want.

  21. Destiny 2: we made a great game great story for only 60$ as well as 20$ dlcs that make the story more confusing!!

    Warframe: hold mah beer. *warframe makes fortuna and sick new open world. Hi BITCH!

  22. Why can’t this be a dedicated server rather than only 4 people 🙁

  23. video 100% song 100% edit 100% fortuna update 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000%


  25. So what's this fortuna bring..

  26. fck this is a free to play , damm i spent much more money on games with half the quality of this game, damn

  27. Man this looks spectacular. I really like WF, but, lately the grind fest had been getting tedious. This is exactly what the game needs. If they eventually work there way to putting a massive open area on each planet, for end game play…this game will go 10+ years easily, especially if they keep adding to the unexplored areas with the Railjack system, but have it not actually be on rails.

    I am really impressed with what this game gives its community, and does it for FREE, only really asking people to pay for cosmetics. Its just unreal. By comparison to the other popular shoot and loot game, I went through Destiny 2 new DLC in 1 day…actually more like a few hours, and it was like 50+ bucks….the story was better then D2's release, the have to defeat "Gary" campaign, but it was still vague and left stuff unanswered. This game is everything D2 should have been and more….I will be rep'n Warframe from now on…..Besides….its space ninja's. When I was a kid, I was going to be either a astronaut or a ninja when I grew up… Now I can be both. Thank you DE. Dark Sector lives on through this content.

  28. Larian Studios, CD Projekt RED, 4A Games and Digital Extremes are the last few game devs I still trust.

  29. Yay can't wait to have to farm up 10,000 new resources along with the crap we have now, great game that makes itself so grindy it's easy to burn out on.

  30. That opening was a bop, do I hear Warframe the musical?

  31. 8:54 What cape (syandana) is that Volt using?

  32. it wouldn't be a stretch of the imagination of all the planets became open world. Not each planet getting bigger, but the possibilities tho!!!

  33. So worth it to download warframe then for honor free to play starter addition

  34. I wonder how long I’m gonna have to grind to get that board

  35. Dear god I love this fucking game…

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