Warframe Fortuna SIGIL & New Lore

Warframe Fortuna SIGIL & New Lore

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  1. That is not hr 67, thats a different one.
    The one you are talking about still has his other arm. You can barely see it if YOU WERE TO TURN YOUR FUCKING BRIGHTNESS UP YOU BLIND FUCKING POTATO!

    Edit: looked through comments and found no comments about this so im glad i put this here

  2. lol @ 5:02
    "If you don't follow me on twitter, it's twitch dot tv — excuse me TWITTER DOT TV"

  3. Indentured Servitude

  4. Ahhhh i love args. Ive been in it from the start. I do wish however we had more puzzles to solve as a community. Its a good beginners arg

  5. Thank you God is coming soon to console

  6. Why are the Corpus in Cetus?

  7. I know where you are …

  8. Mogamu can u make moth noises with me *moth noises *


  10. Ash seems to be everyones favorite Warframe, but I never see Ash on the battlefield. I've been playing Warframe everyday the last five weeks and I haven't seen one person play Ash the entire time. It seems like Ash represents what Warframe is all about, but in practice no one uses him. What's up with that?

  11. I guess we dont all lift together. Only PC lifts.

  12. So a lot of NPC have those marking on their arms around the city. Sort of debunks your idea.

  13. I'm pretty sure Nef Anyo is repoing the organic parts, not mechanical parts.

  14. I wish i knew about this. the video came to me this morning.

  15. theres a detail missing… the cables/link thingy from his head to the body (biz)

  16. In the Tennocon Video many of the NPC's have the same tattoos.

  17. Thanks for the promo code!!!

  18. im so sad bc my pc dont even run POE so i think i wont be able to play fortuna:(

  19. I’m underwhelmed

  20. the fucking trailer is like the john wick scam vid D:

  21. This might be stupid but I got a question.

    These Solaris dummies got so deep in debt they had to do slavery to pay it back. And we're trying to free them because they don't want to work anymore?

  22. Workers of solaris unite! You have nothing to loose but your chains.

  23. I was kinda thinking: with the theory of the corpus guilds (key, star, snakes, triangle and bee hive) in mind, if Nef Anyo alone is that much powerful (this, razorback ARMADA, the index,…) along with other singular characthers such as Alad V and Frod Bhek, how powerful the Corpus REALLY are? I mean, the big heads of the faction even showed up.

  24. We all wait together

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