Warframe (Fortuna) — Solaris United Max Standing SPOILERS (Live Reaction)

Warframe (Fortuna) — Solaris United Max Standing SPOILERS (Live Reaction)

[ad_1] Warframe (Fortuna) — Solaris United Max Standing SPOILERS (Live Reaction)

Well that was a lot of fun! I had no idea that the vendors in Fortuna would reveal so much after you reach maximum standing with Solaris United. I love all the attention to detail and I hope the trend carries-on.

Warframe is a free-to-play cooperative third-person shooter video game developed and published by Digital Extremes. Originally released for PC Microsoft Windows in March 2013, it was later ported to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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  1. Spoilers a-head.

  2. Am I the only one who keeps linking Biz with Patches?…no? Only me?

  3. This shows just why "Brain Shelving" is such a scary thing now.

  4. Ok…. what the heck did DE smoked this time?? this is amazing!!

    And… creepy… now i think about it, Warframe mix very well the amazingness and the creepyness -u-;

  5. Lol love the way u reacted

  6. firstly i was like "cmon dude everyone know about this 999 days ago,what the point of video". And after this i opened video and read last part (live reaction) — yeeeah,live reaction is pretty worth making a video :3 thx 😀 was fun.

  7. Yes~ I definitely do enjoy content that's not only guides :3

  8. That guy sounds like he is not sober :))

  9. that is disturbing to say the least

  10. make lesion build video pls

  11. I think we all know at this point.

  12. Hey leyzar what are the colours on your mesa in order please ?

  13. damn, who tf is that handsome gentleman in the down left?

  14. "Yeah.."

  15. Dang you have a handsome face ya know?

  16. You Re pretty late with that, no need for a Video

  17. Damn son. Must have been very shocking to you for the 1st time.

  18. 4:30 Leyzar I actually preferred the Man in the Wall, lol. I feel like it is even creepier when Eudico is communcating with you on a bounty mission.

  19. Oh look at that face

  20. Just creepy XD

  21. 2:24
    So you're like us too Mr Leyzar-san

  22. I wanna ask you here guys i havent played in a while, i logged in in my account it says its locked, i googled and looks like that happens to a lot of people cuz of inactivity, i have written to support but i havent gotten answer in 3 days do u think they will respond or no ? I remember 6 years ago whenever i wrote to support they responded pretty much in the same day.

  23. Ball is in your court NSFW artists. Lmao

  24. I'm just gonna assume this was a funny joke by DE…

  25. I really like what DE did here. It's incredibly interesting, much better than them just being cyborgs.

  26. that is somewhat disturbing

  27. >Zuud is ugly
    You take that back! Zuud is cute! CUTE!

  28. So no head?

  29. THANK YOU!! So much for actually not showing the secret/spoiler in the thumbnail. Us console players haven't even gotten Fortuna yet and are still awaiting for it and DON'T want to see any spoilers of it. Not gonna say any names BUT another warframe YouTuber actually put the "secret" in the thumbnail which ruined the surprise and ticked off me and a couple of other players who haven't gotten the chance to play Fortuna yet.

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