Warframe: Fortuna — The Profit-Taker Launch Trailer | PS4

Warframe: Fortuna — The Profit-Taker Launch Trailer | PS4

[ad_1] Bring out the big guns: It’s time to take down our first Orb Mother.

Fortuna: The Profit-Taker is available now on PS4! Learn more:

Rated Mature: Violence, Blood & Gore, Digital Purchases, Users Interact [ad_2]

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  1. Warframe — The Job — to profit off of players!!!

  2. Is this a game or a update?

  3. Great game

  4. I'd play it if I didn't have to be max status with SU.

  5. Announce the reason for the game

  6. The Profit Taker? I always thought that was Destiny

  7. Looking at the comments saying this is the better Anthem. I thought it was the better Destiny. Y'all need to make your minds up.

  8. Baruuk vs Trump Taker

  9. Like Anthem but without the absurd $20 skin microtransactions!

  10. I'm Very Excited Now, The Anticipation OOOOOOO

  11. Ay am updating WARFRAME RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!

  12. Did it say “digital purchases”
    slow clap
    It took thousands of hours of complaining but we did it. This is a win for the community.

    Down with micro transactions & those who support them.

  13. How much this game

  14. Just play Destiny /s


  16. When f2p game is better than b2p anthem.

  17. the polished version of Anthem.

  18. Fake post

  19. How is this inapropriate??????

  20. I think it's time to download this game again

  21. Ps5 game 2019

  22. The real anthem plus Destiny !!

  23. "Profit Taker"….


  24. Mehhhh

  25. Should i download it ?

  26. I'am very excited now.

  27. Garbage

  28. Profit taker does this mean it will take my money away.

  29. Epicooo!

  30. Is this the equivalent to eidolon hunt?

  31. WHY OH WHY is Mesa using a melee weapon?!

  32. Why does Anthem exist? We have this game.

  33. Rare footage of not being staggered in Profit Taker

  34. So, Eidolons but In Fortuna? Sounds great, ngl, I like these monster hunter world type of missions

  35. Warframe does it better than Anthem.

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