Warframe Fortuna Tour with [DE]Rebecca

Warframe Fortuna Tour with [DE]Rebecca

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  1. H

  2. Does she work for this game she knows so much

  3. I'm very happy with this update so far. It feels like a straight up FarCry map. To me, the long wait was definitely worth it.

  4. when Mama Lotus(Rebecca) Tours with her #1 space Son (Mogamu)

  5. Shi~… The second I heard Rebecca I was like "Hi, Mom!".

  6. Mu butt hurt Rebecca you know what you did on dat beautiful makeup you i hope you habeeeeee.
    Wisp your div looks i need stop watch hentai warframe lotus

  7. im gonna agree with rebecca… Game of Thrones is strait gargbage…

  8. trigger the greeks lolll you people at DE are way too fucking worried about political correctness… and its pronounced yiro… not giro… lol you people are fucking funny…

  9. So when does the update drop for consoles?

  10. I’m on Xbox but if I meet a dec on it I will squeal like a girl and make every server explode

  11. Snow, Crabs, Robot fish, Scenic buildings scattered around randomly, skater kids, and a pet robot that is still obsolete to carrier prime. Tour over.

  12. If you wouldnt get like 2 fonds every 3 missions i would prefer to farm the fonds but like this its wayyyy faster and easier to just buy them

  13. 34:54 toroid farming WHY SO MANY NULLIFIERS WHY [DE] WHY

  14. Reb should have her own YouTube

  15. Love Warframe but….

    Holy ads Batman

  16. When you all actually release finshed content I'll play it.

  17. Mouth Blasting

    "I'm a firin' mah lazer! Bahhhh!!!"

  18. Rip the chats mouth

  19. They go to orb vallis at about 26:02

  20. Boy, the sandwich / taco is called euro like European currency but yes the sandwich is very good.

  21. Did he literally just ask that XD 44:38

  22. So when ps4

  23. These open world updates are becoming truly amazing, not just amazing for a free to play. I hope one day there will be one for every planet. Get to work Reb. (;

  24. soo there like exo from destiny?

  25. New amps 🙁
    New floofs 🙂

  26. Damn will you look at all those ads.

  27. I need help, my warframe launcher works perfectly fine when I enter the progress bar part it went midway and it crashes with no notices or report comes out can anyone help me with this I did almost everything like optimize, verify, reinstall I really need help ( this problem started after the fortuna update so I haven’t even get to go into fortuna yet)

  28. Rebemu is real

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