Warframe Fortuna Update — Rev After Hours [Vinesauce]

Warframe Fortuna Update — Rev After Hours [Vinesauce]

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  1. You can mute Ordis, but there's an entire plot around him.

  2. The game gets more and more fun and detailed the more you play it and the more mods and frames and weapons you unlock, alongside new types of missions that reward you way better but are more challenging, you can't have all the fun from mastery rank 1-3.

    You can switch betwen public, invite only, friends only and solo game modes by clicking the globe in the upper left. To see Garuda you had to turn off the ""Blueprints only" option. And you get quite a bit of different warframes just by completing assassinations a couple of times in a row. Joining a clan would give you people that can help you shorten the grind severely, provide hints and tricks, and also allow you access to blueprints to items that are often way more powerful than what you can get in the market. It is very much recommended to open all planets on start chart to have access to most alerts and invasions for extra items and resources and get boosters whenever you get a chance of obtaining them. Affinity booster boosts the amount of experience you get, credit booster doubles credits rewarded and resource booster gives you more resources, which is invaluable with rarer materials.

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