Warframe — Fortuna Update Trailer

Warframe — Fortuna Update Trailer

[ad_1] Explore new lands and take the fight to Nef Anyo and the Corpus in Warframe’s Fortuna update, which comes to PC via Steam this week.

Warframe Nintendo Switch Announcement Trailer:

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  1. Oh man, Destiny about to have a new game!… What are you gonna do Digital Extremes? DE: Hmm? … new update… EA: "Oh man, Anthem about to come out.. What you gonna do about that DE?" DE: "Huh?.. oh… new update… " and honestly.. thats really all they need to do…

  2. Still waiting for it to come out on switch

  3. Soo… Bungie (Activision) have you learned now quality is better than quantity

    I think I said that right

  4. still not on console

  5. dont rank up fortuna syndicate into oldmate

  6. Dont care for a game that's been trash and full of scammers.

  7. Это не игра а блевать скучная

  8. Console release: February 3047

  9. GREAT! now I just have to wait a couple months for it to come out for console!

  10. i am proud of how much we tenno have accomplished <3 ~

  11. Is Warframe out on Switch yet?

  12. Garuda: Well i'm Fortuna's Frame so i'll get the spotlight.
    Excalibur: Hi.

  13. 0:58 looks like scrap from ice age LoL

  14. We all lift together, Tenno!

  15. the 56 ther playing destiny 2

  16. Fortuna lit with hoverboards

  17. destiny who?

  18. I saw Galactus in the last screen.

  19. 4 years later im still playing this game. ^_^

  20. Now we grind moar

  21. I almost thought it was an open world arkhamesc city were there are barricades for the rebellion and checkpoints for the corpus and also monsters and sometimes they might fight in the streers

  22. This game is a statement to the entire industry, watch and learn AAA Devs

  23. Best free to play game EVER!!!

  24. GOTY

  25. Better than fortnite?

  26. When this coming to ps4

  27. Crimson Rain will flow when I get my hands on the Taxman for all the innocent blood spilt

  28. All this game need are better graphic and animation then it will be perfect

  29. DE backtrack themselves to Unreal Tournament 3 with vehicles and hoverboard.

  30. Name of the song

  31. When's the playstation release date

  32. Just released guys

  33. Stop comparing warframe with destiny, they are 2 different things

  34. Warframe- a free to play grindy game where you can choose to play it or not. Destiny- a $60 game with 2 mediocre dlcs that are $20 each then two $40 dlcs that actually fix the game but you have to wait a year after the $20 dlcs AND the release of the game is only 20% content they give you

  35. Destiny is better

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