Warframe Fortuna — Worth it ?

Warframe Fortuna — Worth it ?

[ad_1] Warframe new update Fortuna, Solaris United and new Venus map. Was it worth the wait?





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  1. I was hyped about this until I loaded in and heard 'find caches'. Nice PoE reskin, enemies are a joke atm, boring repetitive bounties, grind on top of mind numbing grind and idk I still don't care about the characters. . I hope at least the Orbs will be fun to fight 🙁

  2. the wait is still a problem on console btw…

  3. second open world and the first one is still not optimized. Full game optimized open world noppee

  4. Thx 4 the review, I came back to warframe after 2 or 3 years because of Fortuna. I thought that if they did a 2nd open world something interesting was going on. I tried just eidolon, and was a little scary to do fortuna too, but your opinion has helped me make up my mind. Going to fortuna now

  5. a gamer who doesn’t like grind who is playing warframe

  6. Subbed

  7. Too bad Fortune's story lasts 20 minutes.

  8. I'm pretty sure that there is gonna be more updates. DE did say that Fortuna was gonna be huge with more stuff to do in th e open world scene. And let's not forget Railjack and The New War.

  9. 4tuna Lmao

  10. The most depth Salad V got was when he went on the Forums and argued with Sargus Ruk.

  11. see my question is WHEN DO I GET TO KICK NEF'S FACE IN!

  12. Fortuna + Cetus = Fetus

  13. I enjoyed the story quest that came with fortuna FAR more than the PoE one. If they make this kind of step up from PoE. I'm hopeful as hell for the future.

  14. I can't be the only one who doesn't really like open world content in Warframe. I think the game is best when played in quick missions.

  15. Worth it? Uh.. It's free.. Dafuq?

  16. there's also a huge robotic spider boss wandering the new planes((edit:)kinda like the edilon) as well, i stumbled upon it while following the border line. this thing was crazy it took 3 revives of my rhino to get away from it( and it wasn't even following me it was shooting a continuous beam at me), tho i think they haven't made a way to kill it yet cuz it had the silver health bar thing, and i checked to see if my little guy could kill it tho it still had silver bars (hence the running away part). but it looked awesome af, also u can see kinda like a injured one of them just laying on a building (tho i think it's ether a decoration for now or it's going to be part of a later quest).

  17. I'm on console so not yet but I'm not really that excited because POE feels incomplete still and that affects my excitement for fortuna

  18. The map is huge and amazing, the caves are gorgeous, still feels a bit like Plains, a bit — besides the small scarab/spiders that attack you suddenly there's no visible fauna. The only viewable one si when you hunt and fish, but other than that nothing. I was expecting some huge slow walkers or some alien looking flying manta rays since the flora looks alien enough. Kinda disapponited at this category.
    Another thing that is kinda bothering is the reputation display sistem. Why is it backwards? Why when you start it it shows (for example) 12K/12K and goes to zero from that (11K/12K, 9K/12K, 0/12K) instead of being 0/12K and go up from there?
    It needs more Orokin lore since there's so many wreckage around. Other than that Fortuna is awesome.

  19. why is intro song not linked? Please shoutout song if anyone knows

  20. How are you doin, stardust?

  21. Are people shitting me?…. it don't matter, its free lmao. Smh

  22. .. No robot voice I feel let down lol

  23. Meh… This game is meh..

  24. Grind in PoE: Literally gave me grey hair. I'm not kidding, it AGED MY BODY.
    Grind in Fortuna: Sick K-Drive grinding and flips that make me remember the old great PS1/PS2 era snowboarding titles.
    Goddammit DE! You keep making things BETTER. How am I supposed to get over Warframe if it keeps getting better?

  25. When is fortuna going to be released on PS4

  26. I feel like it wasn't worth the wait I'm going to be finished with all the stuff by the end of the week until they add spider fights.


  28. Absolutely worth it

  29. "Salad v" hahahahhahaha

  30. Man u sound like such a lively person. Its grreat

  31. stop laughing its creepy also its frohd bek who says grofit

  32. You voice … never expected …
    But it's good

  33. Warframe would be 100x better if we got less repeats, like fighting different versions of a boss once you've fought their base version x amount of times, and less maps that look the same….

  34. I was getting slaughtered by lvl 7s

  35. This video doesn’t have the text to speech voice. Unsubbed

  36. I noob b but I use boltor and grammacor am galatine

  37. Cetus pt 2 = idc

  38. Ok, i played POE till o got the archwing pad and thats it.
    Fortuna… well…
    I love it.
    I often go to get a resourse and find myself hunting or fishing or k surfing for hours.
    I love how fun it is.
    Also Buisness is cool

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