Warframe — Fortuna Xbox & PS4 update at Cert, Switch control issues found & more! — Random Frames!

Warframe — Fortuna Xbox & PS4 update at Cert, Switch control issues found & more! — Random Frames!

[ad_1] In this episode of Random Frames, I look at Fortuna now being in Cert for Xbox and PS4, control issues identified on the Switch with [DE]Steve finding issues with controller movement extending to all controller inputs (not just on Switch) & he’s on the job of fixing it.

Also looking at conclave mods coming over to the PvE side of things, in game chat moderation issues and looking forward to the next Prime Access which will hopefully be MESA PRIME’s turn!!! (I’m not half excited for Mesa Prime or anything…) 😂

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  1. Also I only wish i were in the Guides of the Lotus for the Armor. I already help other players so it makes no difference to me if i'm in the program or not. Just gimme that armor.

    I think they should reboot it and this time they should recruit way more members. I've looked at the amount of people that are in the GOL program, and it's a joke. They're so little members that it is no surprise to me why we never see a single GOL member. Or DE should just scrap it completely. It's obsolete because looking up videos and info on the internet is more useful than getting carried by someone. Players have to take off the training wheels eventually

  2. i agree de should clean the slate. i would like to see the neckbeard mods suffer HAHA

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