Warframe Fortuna — Xbox — Volt — Let's Play — Part 5 (2) (MrRee83)

Warframe Fortuna — Xbox — Volt — Let's Play — Part 5 (2) (MrRee83)

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  1. good idea splitting up in two parts! ^^ its neat watching you figure things out, tho i've got a suggestion. You look at things a lot and i find myself wondering what you're thinking, id love to hear more about what your thoughts are and what you planing and your opinions on things. I take it you're just starting lets plays? ether way do what you wana do, just sharing my thoughts 😀

    about that ceiling fan u were wondering about, it's not a secret, if you pay attention when you drop in to a missions (literally) you will see a vent or at least some hole above you where you snuck in, i find them amusing xD
    i think you only missed one secret room in this mission, if you want a hint its in one of the barrack rooms, you are looking for a explodie barrel or a button (there's several ver. of this room) but you wont come to this tile set again for a while (called grineer asteroid)
    and if you're curious as of right now there's 21 unique tile sets and two unique free roam areas in the game and they're always working on more!
    idk what button it is on Xbox but you can switch which side your aim is, it will tell you in the keybinds as usual 🙂

    i wana mention that this game has become more of a horde slaying game, enemies will keep spawning in most mission types so this play style is totally ok many goes for stealth (you get a lot of exp with that bonus, usually people are lvl 2 at this point but look at you lvl 5 and stuff) but you'll need to learn how to always be on the move to survive as well, i'm happy to see you starting to get that your abilities is your "save your ass" buttons x,D they will come in handy.
    also i see you found the animation sets! awesome, now your volt got some more character!

    see ya in the next one! btw i'm very happy to be your first subscriber u

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