Warframe: Fortuna’s Dark Secret — What Happened at 7PM [thedailygrind]

Warframe: Fortuna’s Dark Secret — What Happened at 7PM [thedailygrind]

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  1. From a lore perspective, it makes sense. You want a workforce that can survive harsh environments and be easily upgraded to do different jobs, tank up the head and vital organs and strap whatever else you need to the trunk. I can not imagine with this many people having undergone the procedure that it is pleasant or humane. I'm thinking Speedy Lube car service, but for brain surgery.

  2. The thing with Black Mirror is, it feels like real life. Not all of real life, but just enough of it.

  3. This little twist was an unexpected punch to the gut. Wasn't expecting Fortuna to hit so close to home.

  4. It got a bit real there

  5. This is something that's been on my mind since the update came out and I definitely agree with your explanation. I'm thankful that I don't have a lot of debt because I've seen how much damage things like credit cards and student loans have done to people's lives. I've also noticed that the similarities between the corpus board who chase after prophet by any means necessary regardless of who they hurt remind me a lot of the people who run some of the corporations who tried to get people into debt they end up making payments on for the rest of their lives.
    also I apologize if that was a bit hard to understand, I use voice dictation on my phone and sometimes it doesn't do so well

  6. time zones made me sad

  7. It's called debt slavery or debt bondage and it's not a new concept

  8. The student loan thing is bullshit. Just like college

  9. I noticed the social parallel straight off the bat. Sadder still is that not only are we, as individuals paying off debts, but also the government's. When governments need to raise capital they issue bonds, on which the buyer collects interests, a debt which is payed through taxation. Considerable deductions are made from the money we make and in every transaction thereafter as well, think about that. If every single person on the planet is giving up that much, I don't think we are getting our money's worth.

  10. Ah shit I'm in debt well time to grab the balaclavas and rob a bank or a jewelry store

  11. Как тебя люди смотрят? Ты на пидора похож.

  12. Dude, thats no black mirror shit, thats just regular capitalism that you and most people just voted for without a second thought

  13. I wish I could get a job, but I live in a rural city and there isn't a lot of call for an English degree here…even if it is a degree from UC Berkeley. So, I need to earn enough money without a job to move somewhere I can get a job. The problem is that if I get a min wage job, it'll all end up having to go toward my student loan debt because I'll have to declare the income and lose my IDR of $0. So, my only hope is to either make a large sum in a single payment, or over a short time, from my parents' house in the rural city. So, I've been working on trying to find non-scam work-from-home jobs, working on my music and working on sellable T-shirt designs. Also, I can't drive, and couldn't afford a car even if I could drive. On top of all of that, the public transport here is so narrow and sporadic that it isn't an option for any full-time job outside my city.

  14. Listen to Rob describe your life for 5 minutes while you're thinking "yeah, babe, we GET IT ALREADY, we LIVE THAT".

  15. the real cycle is this
    1 you go to index and screw nef
    2 you go to fortuna and pay some of the people there they debts
    3 they free of debt work for nef and give him profit
    4 they get into debt again and nef gets even more profit
    5 you go to index and take nef's profit money once again….or something like that, you got the idea

    repeat this til the end of the world LMAO

  16. I absolutely hate the way you talk.

  17. Your actions have consequences …

  18. The only joy we ever know is love, Stardust.

  19. While i symphasize with people that are in deep debt and work hard to pay it off, i have this little PROBLEM with someone in Fortuna. Remember what kicked off events of Vox Solaris? Thursby. What Thursby does? He sells JUNK. What he does next? Asks you to steal from Corpus to pay his debt.

    While i can't say what was DE intentions or what was their ideas, so this is my personal speculations and thoughts.
    Thursby is embodiment of debters who does not wish to work hard and lack knowledge to run a succesful business, he basically jeopardize everything on an idea of making qick and easy profit. While it's understandable that people would do anything to pay their debt, i feel like Thursby wouldn't be in this situation in first place, would he have some hindsight and will to work. Most importantly — you help him so Taxers wouldn't take him appart. And it does seems to be really bad for him when they do. But in the end? He just get a new body, calls himself Legs and sell parts they probably stole anyway. He doesn't learn his lesson. He just get things handed to him.Okay, yes, he is just a hunk of junk, but he does not accept the fact that he is responsible for everything that happend to him and people around him

    And there are people in real life that are just like that. Take dozens of loans, play lottery, get invovle in pyramide schemes and stuff like this. Don't be like Thursby. Be responsible and work hard. Use your brain.

  20. This isn't the first time I've felt a connection between the story and real life. Don't remember which, but it was one of the main stories.

  21. Oppression through debt, a lifetime of work without getting anything in return… sounds like every day life in Germany…

  22. Shot, shouldn't have watched the spoiler

  23. yu mom gay???

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