Warframe: Garuda || Build & Review — The Fortuna Frame

Warframe: Garuda || Build & Review — The Fortuna Frame

[ad_1] Build and review for our new Fortuna Warframe Garuda.


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  1. Quick tip with Garuda's talons you can set the elemental type to Viral instead since her 4th ability causes bleeding.

  2. Love your editing style

  3. Are her talons good or no?

  4. I havent been this excited for a warframe in a while

  5. She's power creep incarnate
    1. Volt shield with no energy drain for moving with an antimatter drop that charges way faster and can feed off enemies infinitely scaling damage more effectively.
    2. Better well of life than healer frame trinity.
    3. Why worry about energy when you can sacrifice your own health WHILE standing in your two's health regen field?
    4. And of course they'd let garuda's four target through walls after the massive series of nerfs to other frames that used to be able to hit through walls (see melee changed wukong for example).

    And all that is before you even count team synergy possibilities like limbo pretty much turning you into an invincible blood mage.

  6. What mic do you use?

  7. Wiggle


  8. can u ues weapons with Her?

  9. Does Natural Talent effect her 4? It seems pretty slow.

  10. Fuck farming her I’m buying her when she comes out on console

  11. DE should make a snake them frame kinda like orochimaru from naruto

  12. Its pretty bias that you only did a shoutout to your girlfriend, what about your boyfriend hmm what… what about me ;-; I THOUGHT WHAT WE HAD WAS SPECIALLLLLL!!!!

  13. I wish we can mod khora's whip

  14. Ahhh Warframe. Such a great game that I have 3500 hours in yet…even railjack and fortuna haven't had me update and play. Same old enemies. That's my problem and frankly same old mission types. The "quests" are always just a random combination of same with a cutscene. IDK, love this game obviously but it just feel like 40 new ways to kill the same 10 enemy types. The MOST fun I've had lately is starting a new character and being completely VULNERABLE. Skulking through ship corridors taking shots then retreating because I'm NOT an indestructible killing machine. Joining matches with new players trying not to let on I've so many hours but not needing to because we stick together. We NEED each other to survive and that shit is SOOO fun. Then you get about MR 8 or so and it's: find a game, load in, see that everyone is doing a mad sprint for the objective….oh wait their done…mad sprint to extraction…oh that was fun.

    My suggestion for years to make Warframe perfect is loose all the power! Don't give us so much damn power orbs. I shouldn't be able to cast and ULTIMATE in spam mode! Energy and super powerful skills should be used strategically not given out like candy on Halloween. This creates shit players who simply build whatever popular build then run through maps. No need for teamwork, no need to be actually concerned about dying, no nothing.

    My request for old players is go and create a fresh character. One with only a damaged Vitality mod and maybe if ur lucky a weapon mod of sum variety. Play through missions with other low level characters and remember what made this game great. Yes these cool space ninjas should be powerful but not unstoppable. The way they've done it now is put ridiculous lvl 150 enemies into some nonsense in some attempt at challenge but all that means is you need some poor bastard to play Limbo or Loki to get you up every so often while you sprint to the objective then sprint to the exit.

  15. waaa, otro imbecil con una repala negra… que puto asco, que poca imaginacion lpm

  16. Why do you sound that you're about to puke ?

  17. Hellooo everyone its sexy as voice over here.

  18. Thanks for the early upload for her build and review! 😀
    I'm kind of curious what does the marking on the enemies mean, does anyone know?

  19. every one shuld have a girlfriend like that

  20. You make Garuda gameplay look sick as hell. Thank you for the video, I was so excited about her reveal but the demo gameplay they gave us was so disappointing and you've just rehyped me. She looks like all I've ever wanted, so I am ready!

  21. New Warframe Garuda… I see Garuda… Bhinneka tunggal ika

  22. Bought bundle and man that sigil is worth every single platinum

  23. You missed some frames

  24. >Day 1 review
    >Less than 5min
    >Not clickbait

    Okay, you've got a sub.

  25. I recommend changing her claws build. Change corrosive to viral, since you're already ignoring armor anyway with those slash procs. Kind of redundant to use corrosive when you're dealing slash procs anyway. And we all know how amazing viral is with slash.
    Once you slap on viral, instead of putting on the pure cold elemental as a replacement for shocking touch, I'd recommend putting on buzz kill…
    Now, now. Calm down. I know, I know. Buzz kill? I realize buzz kill doesn't increase slash proc damage. BUT it does increase the likelihood of a slash proc occurring. And since you're gonna be doing a lot of viral damage due to primed fever strike, you need a heavier bias on slash. After all, you only need viral to proc once every few seconds.

    But then, this is all based purely on what I see from the stats. I don't have Garuda myself.

  26. Why is the music link never matching the one in the video. It's been the same one throughout all your videos, is the description just copypasted?

  27. So I clicked on the music in the description, but I don’t think it’s the right one D:
    Do u know what song is at the intro and the end? 😀

    Edit: Ah i see the description is updated thank you !!

  28. Theres a content drought on this channel xd

  29. How the hell did you "farm" her? Her parts require the rare gems that you can craft with blueprints available only after reaching like what? Rank 3? Impossible with daily cap 😐

  30. Hey Volt um How much plat does she cost and does she have a collection set?

  31. can anyone answer me why the fourth ability is just bullshit with only like 200dmg

  32. Eh, for a slaughterframe that's supposed to rip and tear most of her abilities require you to stay in one place. Shield only faces forward and activating it in the first place got this long wind up, blood pyre is set in one place, talon storm requires charging that also slows you down. And energy regen eating your health require you to stick to those pyres. She kinda forms up to be a point-control warframe, being able to hold position relatively easily. Not what I expected tbh. Wanted Valkyr on steroids.


  34. With all that bleeding wouldn't Viral make more sense on her talons? I mean bleed procs already give 0 Fs about armor, might as well cut the health down no?

  35. For her melee, why corrosive instead of viral? With high status/slash the viral procs would allow for bleed to work more effectively and already bypasses armor inherently. Or is it just for bonus damage to Ferrite and Fosillized?

  36. Garuda is dummy Thicc

  37. Your sound is

    Make me turn up volume

  38. She already seems WAY more interesting than when they showcased her.

  39. Yeah i have a question. Is she good?!

  40. Cant even start the game after the fortuna update lol

  41. I remember the first time I ever watched a video of yours I subscribed at the end when you told everyone “peace and god bless” kindness gets you places keep up the good work

  42. I know you got garuda for free because of day one review package. but can you talk about the fact that you have to get one from max standing with solaris to get the blueprints for the resources that you then have to mine then craft then you can craft the parts i thought de said they reworked the economy, because this is too damn grindy


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