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Warframe: GTA Wanted Levels? BIG Vlad Changes, K-Drive, More Fortuna & Railjack Info — Dev113

Warframe: GTA Wanted Levels? BIG Vlad Changes, K-Drive, More Fortuna & Railjack Info — Dev113

Watch: «Warframe: Gara Laughs At Puny Inaros — Insane Tank & Damage Dealer »
Melee 3.0 is ALMOST ready, Nidus Deluxe Next Week, Vauban Deluxe is Beefy. Vlad looks powerful (R.I.P Nyx)

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47 комментариев

  1. Where could I submit some small ideas to DE? (About 44 pages tbh)

  2. Made a warframe called Vlad and didn't make him an impaler type? Dafuq??

  3. "I guess if you don't have any friends or are social awkward"


    I'm both. RIP

  4. Okay all i can think of after seeing that hoverboard is “this game is clearly a better destiny and destiny players are still ignoring it” lol but all jokes aside all of the change look incredible im excited and worried for vlad most of all

  5. Aggro of eidolon

  6. Soooo much content

  7. so let me get this straight i can get my same warframe account with all my shit and Play Super Smash Bros Ultimate hallelujah

  8. Wait warframe in the switch…?

  9. i cant stop looking at space mom, what a babe.

  10. We have a sentient spining death laser ballerina!

  11. Why can't we migrate on all platforms…

  12. I wanna k drive like Anakin on Mustafar

  13. I believe they also mentioned that the K-drive will be customizable. Skins for that should be interesting.

  14. Railjack, K-Drive, and Vlad really caught my eyes. I kinda wish Vlad, being an Eidolon warframe, had more things that actually had to do with Eidolons.

  15. ''Tony Hawkfrake''

  16. >Vlad's 1 can turn enemies into a thrall, then spread the Thrall sickness to other enemies
    Really, why does Nyx even exist at this point?

  17. vlad has me hyped.

  18. When I think "Eidolons", I think about their adaptability, their hive-mind like synergy, and of course the lasers. When I look at Vlad, I think that maybe the 1 and 4 abilities make sense thematically, however everything else about him (besides some parts of his looks) seems like he should just be a 'revenant' frame, and not a 'sentient' frame. I think if he had a different design, a kit that made him invulnerable at times like the cloud but more appropriate and dependant, abilities that stacked his survivability to a point, an ability to summon/create drones, an ability to use those drones for health/shields or Tau energy, and an ability that uses the Tau energy stored for the Eidolon lasers, or something like all this, the frame would make more sense. Don't get me wrong, I'm still hyped for Vlad though.

  19. Solo players are weird

  20. Hey so this video just appeared in my feed, a few days after your post of "Did this video appear in your feed?" Apprared in my feed, I'd never heard of you, am not a subscriber, and only occasionally watch warframe videos (though more so recently after tennocon)

  21. A vape cloude XD i love it potatoe

  22. IMO Vlad is getting overhyped because people are falsely seeing the end of nyx. He seems interesting enough with the propagation method (no real interest in the armour or spinner lasers in your forced perspective view, I had enough of that with inaros), I’m more interested in the gore frame myself.

  23. Vauban my least played frame at this point. He is a CC heavyweight but is so passive that I dont find him fun to play. It’s not helped that his spam ability does not scale up well even when you scale up power strength.

  24. Hype train,can't wait

  25. Poor nyx is pretty much replaced by Vlad so far

  26. My only question about vlad is dmg mitagation it doesnt look like he has any

  27. SSX Warframe. HAHAHAHA

  28. Are those Venus Corpus enemies wielding Arca Plasmors?! Hype!

  29. I've always just thought that tactical potato just sounds like a lighter voiced version of original wicked fun. Just saying it's my opinion. Yes I had to put that there cause of how slow people can be on the Internet

  30. Gta free yay

  31. All I heard about the second ability was armor so i thought tank and then I was like nahh probably not gonna happen but you never know cc/tank frame would be nice though

  32. Lots of grind and now skateboard like hoverboards? May as well call it Tony Hawk's Ninjas in Space.

  33. Nidus Deluxe skin the headpiece looks like the Pokemon called Darkrai… Like it it exactly the same…

  34. The passive should be that you gain damage resistance for each status effected on you, until your dead or fall off the map

  35. Kinda like the pistons moving in unison won't like it as much if they are all random

  36. I prefer Rail Jack as team. Just like the Raids

  37. Vauban skin looks hideous. Will wait for Nidus. Also the Vlad rework turned to shit … I wanted his previous 4th ability. Where if you kill a mob they explode. This current ultimate looks like shit.

  38. As a person who always loved the Necromancer in Diablo 2 cuz i got a big army of dudes to follow me, that Vlad 1 pleases me.

  39. When I see that wheel thing I think back to Star wars.

  40. Are you brothers with OriginalWickedFun? You sound exactly alike.

  41. What the fuck I can't skip ahead in the video… I closed my app accidentally and I had to rewatch from the vauban skin twice …

  42. I cannot wait for Vlad honestly. I like how he’s coming together tbh. I wonder when he’ll be released lol

  43. That beard is awful — and 20 is far too many. 10 is about right imo. And please sort the fishing — I am MR 25 / 4k hours and I still havent got a single Beatle shell.


  45. Any word on how you will farm vlad?

  46. Excuse me, but could you do a fashion frame vídeo?

  47. I wonder will i ever be able to transfer my ps4 acount to pc….

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