Warframe (Guide) — Thermia Fractures for Opticor Vandal (Hildryn Solo Buried Debts Event)

Warframe (Guide) — Thermia Fractures for Opticor Vandal (Hildryn Solo Buried Debts Event)

[ad_1] Warframe (Guide) — Thermia Fractures for Opticor Vandal (Hildryn Solo Buried Debts Event)

With the Buried Debts event we also got Thermia Fractures which is the grind to get Opticor Vandal and some Amalgam mods like Amalgam Serration and Shotgun Spazz.
The Thermia Fractures mission is rather straight forward, you have to obtain a canister from the Coolant Raknoid (which also drop Wise Razor the stance for the Two Handed Nikanas like The Tatsu) after which you use it to seal the fractures around Orb Vallis. If you manage to seal four fractures with a single canister than you will receive a completion bonus.
Once you plug the canister into the fracture a defense mission will start and you will be assaulted by waves of corpus units.
I used Hildryn with a high range build through the use of Overextend, Stretch and Augur Reach. The shield regeneration was mostly caused by Arcane Barrier and Arcane Aegis. Needles to say this is a work in progress build for Hildryn.

Warframe is a free-to-play cooperative third-person shooter video game developed and published by Digital Extremes. Originally released for PC Microsoft Windows in March 2013, it was later ported to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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  1. Do you need max standing with the orb valis guys

  2. Love your videos!

  3. just wondering what build do you recommend for Hildryn and her ability 1 weapon? like i love the setup you have now you let me know what your running?

  4. DE is now ruining the game: extreme grind with limited time event is too stressful, what is the point in playing a game not fun but stressful?

  5. I wanted to Say you could make that vid in 2 Minites, you actually did lol

  6. Some enemies in the Vallis seem to bypass Limbo's rift and stasis entirely, that's not good given he's made of tissue paper

  7. How long will this event last?

  8. Thanks for the tips! Now I just need to get Hildryn before the event is over… Speaking of which, does anyone know how long this event lasts?

  9. Anyone know how scan those "things" in event? Is it community event ( if i scan all community will get points to it ?)

  10. I did 4 of them with the same canister and got like 4 points … A grind ? in WARFRAME ? Noooooooo 😮

  11. Wow Leyzar your hildryn from the intro look like Bumblebee from Transformers

  12. It wouldn't even be that bad, but the yellow flashing at the fractures is such an eyesore.

  13. This event = Boring 😀

  14. See the problem here is I never bothered making an archwing

  15. I have some question about this event:
    1. Is it a rare limited event something like acolyte and the plauge star? Or is it something more like the ghouls purge
    2. When the events come back will the reward stay the same? Or is this the only chance i will see opticor vandal?
    thx indvance

  16. I am on Console, so I am losing my mind waiting on Prisma Grinlock & Opticor Vandal.

  17. Gonna love the amalgam serration when combined with volt

  18. So amalgam serration, rush, speed drift, sprint boost and high power strength, with other boosts from warframes that can stretch it even farther.

    Puts thinking cap on

    Welp more cancer for volt, now i wonder, will it take me 5 seconds to run cross the map or 3.

  19. I wish we could do 4 at once in a group, would make things so much faster

  20. Event is going to last for how long?

  21. I'm at 59 points now, and the grind is real.
    3 Hours I did the absulut same thing.
    But for the opticor Vandal its nice^^

  22. Is the new warframe already available or just for Platin?

  23. Nice information! However, I'm not liking the Hildryn aesthetic at all. So much so that I'm going to be farming out Warframes I no longer have to relegate the Hildebeast to the very bottom of my usage score.

    Call me conceited, but I don't really care. Some people don't like the way other warframes look, and this is the one I don't like, sue me.

  24. Wow ty . Cuz idk what i was doing.

  25. I pictured you as a dark skinned Latino from Latin America. Close enough

  26. Holy face reveal!!

  27. wait doesn't you stop regenerate energy / can't pick pick up energy orb
    if you afk for more than 2 minutes?

    hidryn doesn't have energy so this …. ?

  28. @Leyzar : any other reccomended frame ? I havent got hyldryn yet .

  29. Reeee your hildryn looks smexy

  30. Hey Leyzar will you ever do another gunpla video?

  31. It's not that good

  32. I got the opticor vandal yesterday evening

  33. I didn’t know Zarya from overwatch was in warframe (another great video!)

  34. Is that console yet? Haven’t touched warframe in a while

  35. Ty again my dude

  36. Use CC Banshee for the same result with Hildryn

    You would need to wait for each wave for energy or bring an EV Trin, works for me

  37. Nyx makes this also really easy if you just spam your 3 a bit

  38. face!

  39. thank you for the guide…it will help a lot

  40. I used frost and ignis wraith modded for gas. It was a walk in the park and didn’t feel too obnoxious

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