Warframe (Guide) — Welcome to Fortuna

Warframe (Guide) — Welcome to Fortuna

[ad_1] Warframe (Guide) — Welcome to Fortuna

Today we will be taking a tour of Fortuna and having a look at all the vendors and activities that this large content update brought.
Covered topics include Mining, Fishing, Kitguns, Bounties, Factions, K-drives and Moa companions.
This is a top-level overview of Fortuna with more detailed guides on the content coming at a later date after we get the chance to properly assess the goodies.

Here’s my LGV Warframe Glyph :

Digital Extremes sponsored this production in the effort to give you a clearer understanding of Fortuna.

Warframe is a free-to-play cooperative third-person shooter video game developed by Digital Extremes for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.
Beneath the sludge and the snow of this open landscape lives the neon city of Fortuna, home of the Solaris United. Barter for supplies, build your own modular gun, then grab a hoverboard and ride out over the mountains and coolant rivers of the Orb Vallis.

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  1. love your vids man

  2. When is it coming out for xbox one?

  3. Wait… I completed the opening quest and now I have a K-Drive or do I have to grind for stuff to craft it?

  4. I don't see it. Help me.

  5. Why isn't fortuna showing up on my game please i need help guys

  6. I don't see Fortuna on Venus

  7. Why dont i have fortuna unlocked?

  8. Guys does Fortuna save your data from the other warframe?

  9. I might just have extreme retardism but I don't see fortuna on Venus I play Xbox one.. has it only ben released on pc?

  10. I'm still trying to get into the quills LMAO

  11. What kind of damage or weapons would make it easier for newer people on Fortuna?

  12. the one vent kid that was bugged out made me laugh.

  13. "Welcome to venus, It'll kill ya."

  14. Once again..a very comprehensive, easy to follow guide! Cover everything you need to know about the Fortuna update. Leyzar is the gift that keeps on giving!! So glad to see the channel growing mate!!

  15. Wish warframe didn't have those dull and boring og missions. They're annoying to do and feel like nothing but a chore. Not to mention they're extremely repetitive.

  16. You can name your K-Drive? I got no option for that when I built mine…

    Great vid as always Leyzar, absolutely bloody glorious.

  17. Fortuna is my favorite addition to Warframe. Period. I love it

  18. Great video as always! Been watching your videos from Mr2 and now mr20! And still watching. Love your in depth analysis and recommendations! Keep at it! 🙂

  19. Fortuna > cetus (Easy standing)
    Fortuna > cetus (enemy strength)
    Just saying XD

  20. I am super fuckin Hype!! This looks so beautiful!! Even the music!

  21. Expected a bullet jump at the end of the slow mo intro

    Slightly disappointed

  22. Love Fortuna and it's content, love your video as well 😀 Can't wait to see your video on Kitgun.

  23. Tenno Hek Prime K drive

  24. Great video as alway cant wait till this drops on consoles

  25. Fortuna overall is a massive improvement over Plains of Eidolon imo. Orb Vallis just has so much more to explore than the Plains do. I love how there are Corpus facilities we can go inside and explore, it's probably my favorite aspect of the Vallis. My favorite thing to do currently is go into a Corpus facility with Inaros, raise my wanted level to max, and just fight the utter chaos that ensues.

  26. What do we gain from Vox Solaris?

  27. How is there snow on Venus again?

  28. Hey Leyzar, can you do a Convectrix build? 🙂


  30. 11:52

    “Fluffy Fluffy Fl l l a a a c k” -Leyzar

  31. mining with resource booster is best standing farm imo

  32. Thursby didn't deserve to die.

  33. Yeah, I'm probably just going to drop the 50 Plat on one of the K-Drives, too. The existing parts don't provide enough variety that I feel like grinding up a set. I'd rather spend Vent Kid standing on the mods.

  34. Thanks for the Glyph

  35. Did ya really go through the trouble of syncing the song with the workers in the background like the intro scene haha, unless it was accidental.

    Anyways, great video, gonna look into this stuff for sure.

  36. Thank you so much for making your guide videos. They are clear, precise and perfectly on point. Also your voice is super comfortable to listen to. Keep it up!

  37. Perfect introduction to fortuna, nicely done! I find that animal conservation with Equinox is the fastest way to earn standing, by far. Can't wait to fight the Exploiter Orb 🙂

  38. I named my Moa 'Leg's

  39. Very handy guide for when I get the time/energy to delve in.
    The kitgun video seems like it'll be very in-depth. I don't envy you making it, but thank you!

  40. This guide. I can't believe how brilliant one can be to give such informative guide around the place. I myself was very confused on how everything was considering there was so much new stuff introduced to the game. After watching this clean and well delivered video, I can finally start grinding for something I now know that I want and not just buy everything with plat. With that being said, the video itself is sponsored by DE and all I can say is, I admire and am proud to see you grow this much Leyzar. The amount of huge respect I have for you is immeasurable. Stay bloody glorious!

    Update : Okay for some odd reason I have done countless amounts of bounties, mining and fishing conversion for standings and it would seem my standing will not increase, capped at 13k/20k . Will have to skip fortuna for a month or so till DE fixes this problem

  41. To be honest there is no so much to do on Fortuna and I really don't understand why is my screen shaking when I am driving K-drive or how is it called. I was only there for Garuda. My hype is for Rail-jack and new war. Fortuna really feels like PoE 2. I hope that DE will make new planet with new map design.

  42. Do you have an glyph?

  43. I do believe it's called Flooftuna…

  44. WOOH! Sponsorship!

  45. DE sponsoring this is a really big cosign for an information based channel.

    Wow. Your kitgun you showed was my exact kitgun. I assume it is therefore good enough to put a catalyst into?

  46. When is it coming to console?! I cant avoid spoilers anymore!

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