Warframe — Harpak Satitis (Unreasonably Rolled Rivens)

Warframe — Harpak Satitis (Unreasonably Rolled Rivens)

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  1. What about hunter's munitions?

  2. I have an akvasto riven that is +Ms+cc+slash lemme know if ur interested (PC of course)

  3. Hey why don't you make a video about prime sentinel builds instead of old weapons

  4. I personally scream "Come here" or "Get over here" when harpooning

  5. Im sell 280%cc and 170cd

  6. I think DE should make sortie missions way harder and maybe unrepeatable but than make the chance for riven 100%. And by harder u don't mean that DE should double the HP or armor but however implement new challenging mechanics

  7. ‘This is how it feels’ I’m dead

  8. Titis objectively makes everything better.

  9. Nice Riven MCGamerCZ. I rolled a Harpak Critatio. Currently it gives +287% Critical Chance, +187% Electricity, -44.6% Fire Rate. This gives an overall crit chance of 107% with a fully upgraded Point Strike.

    Side Note: Spectors are underutilized by most players. Maybe cover this in a future post?

    Also, it is very amusing putting a high electrical chance based damage weapon on a Spector and watching the enemy do the electrocution dance instead of attacking. Great for defense missions.

  10. When we get melee 3.0 faster than Damage 2.0… FeelsBadMan

    Edit:Wait until you try snipetron vandal with a riven. I believe my Damage/Crit Dam/Electric is Visi-Acritio or something similar while on my friends acc its multi/crit chance and for placeholders they are really nice in my opinion. And inexpensive

  11. Shouldn’t this be dumb fun because the riven was reasonably rolled.

  12. what does unreasonably rolled rivens mean? i thought you were going to talk about how many insane amount of rolls needed to get what you want, lol

  13. I have this riven ( not same stats obviously) selling it for 20 plat (pc) if anyone wants it…hit me braaah xD _WhiteWolfy _ ( without the spaces just the _ yt makes the text italic if you use _ on both sides)

  14. Also puncture does more damage to armor as well it can do 50% damage to ferrite armor
    I rather have puncture then fucking impact

    revenge: pull em till they fall on their faces. By "HARPAK"

  16. Your voice can make me stay positive all day <3 ty

  17. The Harpak used to be absolute trash but they buffed it during the balance pass and it's legit one of the best weapons of its mr.

  18. Best gun to give scorpions a good taste of their own medicine

  19. Almost as good as my Harpak riven.

  20. Umbral Frost?

  21. The second you mentioned that it can pin enemies to the wall I knew I'd like it since Boltor is one of my all time favorite weapons for multiple reasons, including hanging enemies to the wall like paintings.

  22. -Has an 9 times crit, doesn't show with harrow
    You are making me sad for the first time

  23. Paracyst but not infested

  24. A long time ago I actually suggested checking this weapon out. I have a riven on mine with the same stats but with extra damage too. So, it's a god roll. But yes, before I got the riven it was doing good damage.

  25. I'm using the Harpak with a Riven for a long time, the DMG is just mad and since I got some crit rate, I can use Hunter Munition (mag size reduced though but for more sick reload animations xD)

  26. Could you make a baruk build with its significant weaponset? Not for performance just for RP memes.

  27. Honestly, this is a very underrated weapon.

  28. Thats a 5/10 riven at best could have way better stats

  29. 1:00 you made my day

  30. with that much crit dmg it would be better to go for hunter munitions imo

  31. Why dont you use hunter munitions?

  32. "THIS IS HOW IT FEELS!" r/PettyRevenge xD

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