Warframe: Hoverboards, Co-Op Ships And New Fortuna And Railjack Features

Warframe: Hoverboards, Co-Op Ships And New Fortuna And Railjack Features

[ad_1] Warframe is growing again, with new Fortuna and Railjack expansions revealing a new open world area, hoverboards, co-op space battles and your very own robot pet. And it’s a great time to be jumping back in, as explained by this delightful Fortuna and Railjack gameplay.

Warframe Fortuna has a release date of coming soon in 2018 and the Railjack release date is between that and the end of the year. So by the end of 2018 we’ll be exploring Orb Vallis, the new open world zone that builds on the Plains of Eidolon with an even bigger playground, improved bounties, animal conservation and giant robot spiders. Don’t worry about those last ones — you can hob on your new hoverboard (sorry, K-Drive) and fly away fast.

In the Railjack expansion four Tenno fly in a single ship, sharing the steering and gur turret duties and jumping off their stations to fight enemy boarding parties. It looks rad as hell, especially if you manage to swipe the fire extinguisher role and heroically put out flames. Warframe space battles are such a leap from Warframe corridor battles — it’s mad that all this stuff is still free if you ask us.

Of course, there are lots of questions to be answered: just how open is Railjack’s open space? And will we be able to fire our guns from the hoverboards? And how powerful will we need to be to take down those giant robot spiders? Part of the fun of Warframe is getting together a batch of pals and finding out together.

If you have any questions, ask them below and we’ll try our best to answer them. [ad_2]

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  1. can't wait to mess up some giant spiders eidolon hunts were intense as they were these guys look like it'll hopefully be more of a fight.

  2. space battles will be so much fun when people ragequit disconnect or force a host migration because someone grabs the helm before they do, oh happy times

  3. So these hoverboards will be given to us for free with the new updates?

  4. This is why i love warframe

  5. What warframe is that

  6. Can anyone tell me the Warframe that’s the orange and black one

  7. i never felt like generously donating money to any corporation or company ever before

  8. Fashion frame for the win boys

  9. Wow… just wow.

    I only ever log into warframe to spend money buying new weapons and frames, and yet now they have open worlds, hoverboards, the chance to destroy battleships…

    The game just grew so much when I wasn't looking it's insane. What a fantastic thing to see.

  10. whens this stuff comin out

  11. Wait where is this

  12. A perfect example of a 3rd person console game that skill-caps casual players when it switches to keyboard and mouse. Sure, go ahead and use your USB gamepad, but simulating a PS4 on your PC can often be very frustrating.

  13. Is this update out for PS4?

  14. jesus christ this is the kinda stuff i wanted in a starwars game…but nope! leave it to EA to just shit on us while DE just rolls in with a near 100% f2p game cranking out more content and god knows what in such a short amount of time…puts $60+ AAA titles to shame!!! XD

  15. AAHH now i know why they say Destiny is dead thanks to warframe

  16. DE: new open world!
    me: nice
    DE: moa pets!
    me: cool
    DE: Kitguns, animal conversion, Large Tick bots
    Me: aight
    DE: hoverboa-
    DE: sir, the game is fre-

  17. King wants to murder with magical surfboard

  18. I better be able to eventually fire my dual grakatas while doing upsidedown 360 spins on my Kdrive

  19. When does railjack launch for ps4

  20. It’s online-only. Still the old Warframe in that aspect. Pass.

  21. DE are crazy ! It's pure genius.

  22. Now is a really good time to start playing Warframe.

  23. In a few years warframe will allow you to piece together all ships into a giant mech and call it voltron

  24. sht im subscribing

  25. play Warframe for tuna

  26. Awesome video! Warframe by the way is the best free to play game in PS4 in my opinion. Fortnite is good but I hate how my shitty internet affects my enjoyment in that game. In Warframe my high ping isn't much of a problem since I usually just grind for stuff. I love Warframe and how the devs love us fans makes me feel a sense of responsibility to give back with at least 100 usd.

  27. Actually, the atmosphere of Venus is extremely dense and hot, so you'd probably be simultaneously crushed and melted instantly if you went there, while the vacuum of space is just really cold and empty so you'd suffocate after a minute or two. 🙂

  28. Cant wait to dissapoint my clanmates by ramming that railjack ship into Def Anyo's ship


  29. Very good vid. Instructive, informed, fair. Hope everyone tries out Warframe, and sticks with it a bit. First few days of Warframe may be rough, but just ask around in chat (everyone is helpful), or check out the Warframe Wiki (that the devs participate in also) to get your orientation. Can't recommend the game enough.

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